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Is this kind of behaviour around a very good-looking guy common?

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There is one guy at my school who started here in the beginning of this quarter, and he has one of the types of looks that I guess would fall into the "super-attractive" category:
he is about 6'6, he has beautiful face features (great hair, pretty eyes, hot lips and everything - you get it, hah), and he has a very muscular look (large muscles in general, big broad shoulders etc), while at the same time looking totally natural.
He is very nice to look at, for sure, but I was still surprised by the reactions that he got:
almost from the very beginning, there were girls who started pointing at him, whispering about him and sort of giving him eyebrow flashes, and it didn't take long until there were several girls around him who acted like they were in awe of being around him.
They always tried to lock eye contact with him, asked him all kinds of questions, stared at him, blushed all the time, and so on, and he just stood there and looked flattered about it, but he also seemed very used to it.
Is this something that typically happens, or does this guy just happen to have a huge advantage?

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