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Sexting turns to reality

Nice girl

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“I’ve been thinking and envisioning you all day. Envisioning what will happen tonight. I’m wet just imagining how you will feel against me.  Then I’m sitting on your face and you’re licking and sucking on me.  You pull my legs and clit closer to your face and I know that I’m going to organism any second now.”  I’ve given up on being quiet and I know he loves it when he can make me cry out with pleasure. 

I text, “Are your pants tight yet?” knowing damn well that they are. 

I called him the night before and told him exactly what we were going to do when we saw each other next.  Our foreplay started hours before when I had him hard and stroking himself on his recliner.  Just imaging him doing that had me wet and throbbing on my drive home from work.  I wanted him so badly and I knew what it would feel like with him touching me and moving inside of me.  My panties were getting moister by the second.  I couldn’t think about anything else.  I wanted to be the one stroking him and feeling him hard in my hand.  I knew he wouldn’t go all the way, he was saving everything for me. 

During work the next day I was planning on being good, but I was working from home and my mind was once again envisioning what would happen later that night.  I wanted him and I want him to know how badly I want him. I know he’s at work, but I can’t help myself.  My panties are wet and I can’t think of anything else except how he will feel against me.  I sent a message letting him know how turned on I was and that he would slide right into me.  I’m getting even wetter thinking about it. I know by now that he can’t get up from his desk.  I’m getting more turned on just thinking about making him hard and distracting him at work.  

I’m aching and I don’t want to hold back any longer. I slowly lower my hand to just over my clit and start making nice and slow circular motions, imaging that he is the one touching me.  I don’t want to cum until his face is under me, licking and sucking me while I’m sucking on him, raking my teeth along his shaft just as he likes it, so I stop. I know I shouldn’t share these thoughts with him.  Its 10 a.m. and he’s in the office, but I can’t help it once I start thinking about him and what our plans are for the night.  I can’t help myself.  My panties are now soaking wet. He would slide right into me and feel so good.  He isn’t helping matters by letting me know how much he wants me. 

The day is finally over.  I’m waiting so patiently in my robe with moist skin from just getting out of the shower.  I’m getting wet in other areas just thinking about finally feeling him against me.  He can’t get to my house soon enough.    

We start kissing as soon as he shuts the front door.  I told him in my texts exactly what I wanted and he was more than happy to get started.  The fantasies that had started the night before with my phone call and thoughts that I had all day long were finally turning into reality. 

I get his clothes off as quickly as I can.  I can finally feel him rock hard against me like I had been daydreaming about.  He was pulsing in my hand.  I wanted him so badly.  No foreplay was needed, I’d been texting him throughout the day with all of the things we were going to do and how they would feel.

We get on the bed and I sit on his face, just like we both wanted.  He starts licking me, before I even have a chance to get situated over him.  I finally catch up and take him into my mouth.  He tastes so good, but I can barely concentrate.  I’m trying so hard to hold back my orgasm but it isn’t working.  I’ve been too turned on all day and his tongue hitting all the right spots.  I love it when he pulls my legs lower and brings me closer to his face. I know he’s into it and I can’t take it anymore.  I’ve lost all thoughts about sucking on him because I can’t control my response.  I’m moving on his face and he’s loving it now knowing the power he has over me.  The build up to my orgasm is amazing and I’m starting to moan and scream.  He knows that he has me now and starts sucking harder until I cry out with pleasure.    

Now it’s my turn to take care of him.  To be continued.


So how did I do with my first post, and do I share it with him?

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