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Size doesn't matter remark didn't measure up


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Wife and I had been married for several years and the sex was getting routine,  one night I asked Jenny (my wife) if she ever thought about having sex with another man, She replied that she's thought about it from time to time, but didn't want to hook up for real but it was fun to fantasize about it.

To keep the conversation going I told her that I would like to bring a dildo into the bedroom, this way she could experience a new cock without guilt or any other problems a real person could present and I could watch her enjoying something new as I used it on her. She thought about it for several minutes and said sure, might be fun, I asked her if she preferred any particular size for her new cock to which she said "oh size doesn't matter". I questioned her about this as I've read that women enjoy big cocks. She said it didn't matter, to surprise her.

I purchased a Bam dildo for my experiment to test her statement about size not mattering.  Soon the opportunity came one night after she went out with her friends to a male strip club. She came home hot and horny, ready for sex, so we headed to the bedroom. While she was in the bathroom I got the Bam dildo ready to use,  I had previously warmed up both the lub and Bam. 

As we engaged in some hot and heavy foreplay I grabbed Bam and the lub and applied a generous amount to both her and the dildo. As I was working on her clit I smeared more lub on her pussy and started rubbing Bam against her pussy, she seem to enjoy the sensation she was getting from that big cock,  she responded with loud moans and pressing her pussy against the big dildo. she came quickly and spread her legs farther apart pressing even harder against the dildo working to get the head inside her. It took several minutes but the head finally popped into her pussy, she exploded in another orgasm and preceded to increase her efforts to take more cock into her pussy, as Bam is so huge it took her some time to finally get most of him into her pussy, she was pumping hard and fast at this point and erupted into a huge climax, several minutes later she experienced another big climax, followed by several smaller ones. She was in ecstasy, she was swearing, rocking her hips, making noises I never heard before, the facial expressions were priceless. I could see her pussy was completely full and she was loving it. Twenty minutes later she said she's had enough, she couldn't take anymore. I climbed on and we both came quick, her because she was so sensitive after multiple climaxes and me because her pussy was so hot, squishy, and full of her cum and lub, it felt wonderful!!!

Afterwards we talked about the sex and she admitted that fucking that big cock was an absolutely amazing experience. The sensation of being stuffed and the feeling from a completely filled pussy were overwhelming, extremely satisfying, she said she lost count of how many climaxes she had. She said she was gonna be sore but she definitely thought it was worth it.  She wanted me to use it on her again in a couple of days. I asked her if she still thought that size didn't matter or wasn' t that important. She said she was wrong, now that she's experienced how a big cock felt she wanted more but not to worry she still wanted sex with me, she just wouldn't cum as hard! Truth is that huge cock really rocked her world, I got off fucking her with that big dick and the way her pussy felt afterwards was totally awesome,  It was an exciting experience for the both of us and I think my wife is now craving that big cock feeling. I told her she should consider fucking a real cock, a big thick one. She said she wasn't sure, I told her if a dildo felt this good imagine how much better a real cock could be! Imagine how much more exciting and gratifying the sex would be! The feeling of a real cock cuming inside her.  She said Hmmm, I was making it sound incredibly hot,  she'd definitely think about it. My plan was to keep stirring up her passions and interest,  give her time to dwell on her thoughts and feelings then let her mind do the rest. The results should be most interesting.

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