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I love anal play! I use (carefully!) your butt plugs to find out how it all feels back there. The problem is--I've been "at it" for a year now (no, not every day!),  trying to adjust my anal tract into accepting bigger sizes and materials (steel and glass up my ass--God, how wonderful!). But(t) I can't get much past a small-to-medium circumference without feeling "No! Don't do that!" I recently got your anal vibrator, which is on the large side, and I'm trying to get my ass to accept this Big Boy. I've had quite a number of anal toys--long rather than wide. I ass-ume with gradual practice I'll be able to take bigger plugs, but I wanna GET OFF (wank) NOW, says the impatient boy inside me. Advice? I have plenty of lube, time, and materials. Over to you, Sexpert! And thank you!!

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