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Have you ever had an Oh SHIT moment?

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Years ago when I was still single I was out drinking with a few friends, One of my friends girlfriend had brought a friend with them. This friend was smoken hot and turns out very friendly. We hit it off and to make a long story short she takes me home and preceded to fuck my brains out.

As we lay naked together a man walks in and stared at us, I asked who's that, your brother? She replied no that's my husband.  I immediately thought OH SHIT!!!! I'm gonna die. 

She just smiled at me and said don't worry, we have an open marriage and tonight was my turn for sex. We fuck different people all the time. It's no big deal so simmer down. She then told me I was a better fuck than her husband and wanted to see me again.  Soon as I could talk again I said I would like that but next time at my place!

I dressed and left thinking I should go to church to give thanks.  It never occurred to me that she was married. She never gave any signs that she was in a relationship. She came on as a girl out for a night of fun. What a surprise!!! I was much more cautious in my future hook ups having learned my lesson.

So tell us What was you moment?

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