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Dear Pink, I was wanting to tell you about a couple of my friends, that I met at the race track, they started talking to me one day when we met at the concession stand at the race track where I go to watch scca racing in the summer months their names are Beth and Heather. They both watch their boyfriends race on the weekends when the pros aren't at the track, so we got to talking at the concession stand and they asked if I would like to come back to the seats where they were sitting, and I said she why not. So as we walked back to the bleachers where they were sitting they both talked about their boyfriends Curt and Andy. Beth was telling me how Curt is at the track all summer, almost every weekend and has his motorhome parked at the track, They both just trailer their cars to the track on the weekends that they race and that, Heather and Andy stay with us, and Andy and Curt race in the same class, and they have been good friends for about the last 10 years. So as we sit their on the bleachers watching the practice racing, Beth and Heather are enjoying the conversation and so was I, not to mention Heather had on some really tight blue jean shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt and a deep dark tan and shoulder lenth blonde hair, her hair is very straight, and sexy, that sexy blonde hair that any girl would love to have. I asked her if she was from California, no she said, I'm from the midwest, and I just tan easily. "I was just going to comment on your tan Heather" and as I turn to check out Beth and comment on her tan, Beth speaks up and tells me that her and Heather have been laying out together this summer when they are not at the track. Curious about my new friends, I ask how they met and Beth tells me that Andy recently met Heather about 6 months ago and we have become petty good friends in short period of time since we've gotten to spend alot of time together at the track this summer. As we are talking the cars keep going by and neither of us are watching to much of the practice laps, I know why I'm not watching the cars because, with two hot babes to talk to I'm not interested in the cars. Beth is sitting right next to me and Heather is on the end next to Beth, and as she turns her head to agree with what ever Heather is telling me I cant help but check her out, looking at her legs their nice and tan and she has capri pants on, and I cant help but look at her sexy calfs and pink painted toe nails, she is also wearing a black v-neck top, Beth has hot hair too, its that brunette/blonde look thats such a hot style these days and her big tits are very hot looking in this tight top she has on. And as I'm talking Heather can see me looking at Beths big and firm tits, I caught Heather checking out Beth as well, The forcast was calling for scattered showers today and sure enough it starts to cloud over as the three of are talking, And in unison they say, "we are going to go back to the motorhome", and Beth asked if I would like to came back to the motorhome with them and get out of the rain that was about to come down, I said but what about Curt and Andy, dont worry about them if its a lite rain they wont stop racing and they wont care if you were in the motorhome to get out of the rain anyway, "come on" they two hot and getting hotter babes say in unison. So back at the motorhome Beth unlocks the door and the three of us get in out of the lite rain. Beth turns on the tv and Heather asks me if I want a beer, "pro-driver you want a beer" and I reply sure, and she walks over and opens the door on the fridge and bends over into the small short fridge and reaches in to get a beer. As shes reaching for my beer she seems to take an extra second to grab the bottle, and the blue jean shorts shes wearing pull tight against her firm ass cheeks, and as she turns and hands me the beer she asks Beth if she wants a beer and, Beth had disappeared into other room or the bathroom and comes out of the room to answer Heather, she wearing the tight black and no capris, she I might have a beer in a minute I'm changing right now. I'm thinking to myself these two are hot, and just then Heather says to Beth did you forget that we had company. "No" she replies and says if he cant watch the race, maybe he would like to watch us make out, Heather, speaks up and says to Beth, Mmmmm thats a hot hot idea, the last time we laid out together and you had on your new bikini the red poka dots, I was laying next to you wonder what your soft lips and delicate kisses felt like, So Beth turns to Heather and gazes into Heathers beautiful blue eyes and says "well why dont you find out" and gives Heather a pat On her sexy ass, wasting no time Heather presses her mouth to Beths Delicious looking mouth and the two babes start kissing right in front of me and Beths ass is fucking hot too and as I watch I feel meself getting aroused. Thinking to myself, think these two were thinking the same thing about each other, I'm setting in the chair enjoying the show and the bed is still out from the night before where Andy and Heather sleep. Still standing and kissing,and with Beth just having her panties on it easy for Heather to feel Beths hot fucking ass and by now my dick is hard in my low rider jeans. And as the two girls kiss their lips are WET and there tongues are FRENCHing each other without their lips touching,pulling away from the kissing Beth looks down at Heathers pussy and says "Heather your a great kisser" and then graps the snap on Heathers jean shorts and unbuttons them, and looks back into Heathers eyes and gives her another wet kiss and while they use their tongues on each others mouth, Heather shoves her hand down the front of Beth's white underwear and I see push her fingers into Beth's ready to be fucked WET pussy, and Beth lets out a long moan and as I watch I cant help but rub my bulge. Pulling back from the kissing and finger fucking,Heather pulls Beth over to the bed thats still out in the living area of the motorhome and She lays down on her back and tells Beth to finish taking her shorts off of her, so without delay she follows orders, but before she pulls Heahers shorts off she puts her hands one each on both of Heathers knees and spreads her legs and puts her mouth right on Heathers camel toe and starts licking her crotch, and then in a hurry to get her first taste of another female she grabs Heathers shorts by the waist and the two of them wiggle the fucking tight shorts off of Heather and her wet pussy looks ready for Beths mouth at which time I stand up and feel the crack of Beth's ass and she tells me spank it, spank me pro-driver spank my hot ass. so as she stands straight up I pull down her white and pussy juice soaked underwear and spank her firm ass twice once really hard. Heather starting rubbing her own clit while she laid on the bed patiently waiting to get her WET pussy licked for the first time by another woman. Watching me spank Beth, Heather tells Beth, I'm waiting, lick my wet fucking pussy, so with two hand Beth strips her black v-neck top off exposing her big and firm tits and then climbs on top of Heather and gives her a quick kiss on the lips before going down on her, and goes past her tits and straight to waiting wet pussy that needs licked and fucked so bad. Still standing watch these two horny and curious honeys I unzip my jeans and pull out my hard cock and stroke it slowly, as Beth, gets more horny wanting to eat pussy mouth reaches Heathers wet fucking pussy, watching closely Beth shoves her tongue in between Heathers pussy lips and both of them start moaning even more, and as Beth starts licking Heathers throbbing clit she then starts to finger fuck the hot pussy shes licking.... pro-driver will come back later to finish this story, stay wet... I mean stay tuned

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