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Too Many Days Apart


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It had been 30 days since we both saw each other, he working on the east coast, I at home working long, horrible hours missing him. He had been scheduled to come in on a Friday, but to my surprise, walking into the door, there he sat sound asleep, sitting up, with his head slightly tilted. I dropped everyting in my hands and arms and slowly and quietly walked over and kissed him lightly but deeply, he awoke with that wonderful smile, and very much refreshed from his nap. We spoke, i asked him if he wanted a beer, we both had one, I got up to get him another and came around the sofa, handed him the beer and said "what the hell", stood in front of him, stripped off my jeans to show his favorite lavender lace panties, ripped my sweater off to show his favorite color lavender lace bra, bent over and unbutton the top of his jeans. Straddled him, holding his hands back as so he could not touch what he was looking at, kissed him ever so deeply, running my fingers through that beautiful thick gray hair, proceeding to tease, holding him at bay, to torture his every want. Wearing his favorite perfume mixed with a scent he knew so well, I being fully ready for some long, long lovemaking, he had ideas of his own. He new how wet i was for him, with a perfect erection that had been in my memory and dreams, not to mention the perfect phone sex, time and time again, he promised it was my night and made sure that hitting that g-spot, so deeply, for the perfect and 5th time. A perfect lover to the day, fucking so lightly, yet deeply, ever the gentleman, yet wild and full of surprises. He knowing takes me to a perfect climax time and time again, until I am begging for his cock to return the favor, He loves it when I beg him..... fucking for hours. He make sure that every single thrust I beg for starts half way, softly, moving stronger, harder, deeper until I screaming from the most incredible climax. Believe me, the favor is more than returned after resting a hour or so. It's my turn to tease, torture, and make him swear he'll never stay away from home that long again. It was hours before we saw the light of day. Perfect, just perfect fucking and lovemaking.

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