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Happy Birthday

It’s early, early morning, and I’m sitting here in my, well, again a teeshirt, offering up your Birthday gift. I’m sitting on a towel; when I talk to you on the phone I always get wet...I want to give you the blow job of your :rolleyes: life, make you want to live another 100 years just on the chance for another like THAT.

I have shortened the nail on my index finger, just for you, nearly impossible to feel it is still there, all smooth and rounded. Please teach me how to pleasure you with everything I have, it will be worth the time.

It is difficult to talk to you now, my mouth is full, our juices running down on my left hand as it gentles your straining response, my right cups your balls and explores the rest...dont wait for me this time, it’s your gift I bring...and my tongue circles around and around slowly, softly, with suction...finds the cleft, tries to enter, retreats licking I feel you start to spasm, how can I feel it, you are like a rock...Im greedy, I want to savor your taste...I wrap my tongue around your cock, and you send hot bitter-sweet fluid to fill my mouth, and again and again...I have to swallow, my smile is starting too...

And I ache as I wait to see you again.

Ahhh such wonder in the universe, that we could be made with this ability to please and be pleased


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