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While dressing for dinner, my husband requested I skip panties. He looked so good in his tuxedo and smelled so good, the idea of having no panties on under my formal dress excited me. I complied with his request and slipped on my strapless corset style floor length black and red satin formal. After putting on my high heels and red lipstick I was ready for dinner. Throughout dinner I could see my H staring at me with a smile on his lips. I knew what he was thinking and kept getting hotter and hotter, wetter and wetter. I teased him often by running my foot up and down his leg and occasionally running my foot up his upper thigh. After dinner he suggested a walk on the promenade deck.

As we walked through the water tight doors the wind whipped my hair about and the scent of fresh saltwater filled the air. There was a full moon glistening over the water and waves crashing against the bow of the ship. The sound, sights, and smells were intoxicating. My H took me by the hand and lead me towards the bow of the ship. We reached an area that was dark and secluded. He released my hand and I walked up to the railing and leaned over to see the waves crashing. I felt my H walk up behind me. He put his hands on each side of me grasping the railing and pinning me against it facing the water. I felt his breath on my neck as he began to kiss and nibble my neck and shoulders. I felt him pressing against me. I could feel him harden and lengthen. He put his hands on my waist and began grinding against me while continuing to kiss and nibble my neck. Suddenly he grasped my shoulders and turned me to face him. He kissed me with passion plunging his tongue deep into my mouth. He pressed against me and began grinding his hardness against me. I could feel the pressure on my clit even through my dress. His kiss deepened and he pressed harder against me pinning me to the railing. His hand caressed my neck and moved lower to grasp my breasts. He squeezed and pinched my nipple. All the while continuing to grind against me and reaching as deeply into my mouth with his tongue as he could. My knees were getting weak and I was on the verge of coming.

Suddenly, he started backing away from me. I reached up wrapping my arms tightly around his neck and kissed him as passionately as I could. He groaned and grasped my ass pulling me against him. We moved towards a deck chair in a dark corner of the deck. He sat down pulling me onto his lap. He immediately grabbed my neck pulling my face towards his open mouth. The passionate kissing began again. I could feel his hardness against my hip. I felt my husband’s hand diving under my dress. It move higher and higher lightly brushing my thigh until he reached my smooth wet pussy. I gasped. His thumb began pressing and rolling my clit and his tongue ravaged me. I leaned on him more parting my legs ever so slightly. I felt my husband enter me with two fingers at the same time his kisses began moving down my neck. I could feel the tension rising in me as I got wetter and wetter. He peeled back the top of my strapless dress revealing a very hard nipple begging for his attention. He squeezed my breast drawing the nipple to his mouth all the while continuing to rub my clit with his thumb. He covered my nipple with his mouth sucking it into his mouth as far as he could at the same time plunging his two fingers as far into my pussy as he could. I could take it no longer. With my head thrown back, I shuddered and moaned coming harder than I ever had in my life. One delicious wave after another coursed through me.

My husband smiled at me looking very proud of himself. I could see the passion burning deep in his eyes. I reached down and unzipped the pants of his tuxedo. His surprised smile pleased me. I released his hardness into the moonlight. His moan was all the encouragement I needed. I stroked him over and over again as I nibbled on that special spot behind his ear. Still sitting across his lap I raised my skirt and slid his hardness into my waiting wet pussy. I ever so slightly began to ride him. He buried his face in my breast again. I sunk my fingers in his hair giving him all the encouragement he needed. His hands wrapped around my waist encouraging me to go faster and faster. I clenched my pussy as tight as I could around him and raised up till only the tip of him was in me. I slid down as fast and hard as I could. I continued to ride him as I looked deep into his eyes. The heat coming from his eyes was unbelievable. I could feel the tension rising in me again. I was getting more and more excited. We clasped hands and kissed passionately as he started to come. I could feel him hot and squirting deep within me. He pushed deeply into me. I was so excited by his intense orgasm I came again. Together we rode the waves of pleasure higher and higher.

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