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The Rain


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Hello Everyone,

I love the idea of sharing my stories I am in the process of compiling all the erotic and sensual stories I've written into a book self published and would love feed back on them most are actual only some fictional but just thought they would only be interesting and stimulating to me and (My Weakness) my lover but after finding this place maybe others can enjoy them to plus tell me if somethings missing..... I hope who ever reads them as I post you enjoy and it takes you to the place I've been to so many times True Bliss

Thanks in advance



(I have a sexual weakness for heavy Thunder & lightning Rain Storms)

One evening

Robert walked into our home and I was sitting in the dark, the curtains and bay were all open I had been watching the rain come down very hard for hours.

I was illuminated by the lighting otherwise invisible. A glass of wine in my hands, I satire out the bay windows almost in a trance.

The white lingerie I was wearing accented my beautiful walnut skin. My vision took Roberts breath away.

As he walked to the bar and poured himself self a drink he kissed me on the forehead and then joined me just watching the rain. As I sat there almost uninterrupted in my trance like state by his presents,

Robert leaned over and told me that he was quickly going to jump into the shower and would be right back.

I don’t think I heard him, as I was truly transfixed on the rain, and the storm outside.

He soon returned downstairs only wearing briefs, he poured himself another drink, and sat next to me.

Robert cradled me in his arms and watched my chest move up and down as if I were excited by something

--My breaths were shallow.

He turned my head up toward him and kissed me so passionately on the lips our tongues searching each other with such passion and desire that it broke my trance instantly.

I could feel his cock growing in his briefs and at that moment the combination of him, me, my lingerie, and him so passionately kissing me,the storm outside it was truly setting my sexual soul on fire and I wanted him with as much intensity as the storm.

Robert took me by the hand and led me to the middle of the room and started kissing me, first on the lips then slowly made his way down onto my neck.

He held me tight against him and I could feel his hardness pressing against me, he undid my lacy bra and let it drop to the floor.

My large brown breasts were beautiful and my nipples were hard and awaited his lips.

Robert bent down lower and started kissing my breasts and sucking my nipples one by one, until they were rock hard almost to a point of producing milk.

As my my hands started rubbing his cock through the briefs it instantly became larger & harder than before, feverishly searching for a way to get out of the briefs he did and dropped to his knees only to kiss my pussy through the lacy panties. I loved this very sensual erotic side of Robert,As he pulled my panties down to my ankles and got me to step out of them he stood up and admired my body in the light of the thunder storm.

Robert laid me down on the carpet and made his way up between my legs, gently licking at them, the inside of my thighs until he reached my ripe fruit.

I could smell my femin aroma and all he wanted to do is taste me. Little moans escaped my lips, as he was circling my pussy lips, licking at my clit, and teasing me, by entering with his tongue and then withdrawing immediately.

Robert, found my clit and used his tongue by flicking and sucking on it.

He used his finger and entered me, just shallow strokes nothing deep.

I was at a state of sexual madness as I tried to move my hips so that I could take his finger in me completely.

He persisted, and my moans became a bit louder. Robert started licking my clit, faster and sliding his finger in deeper and faster, my hips were working with him now and we were moving in the same erotic motion.

My back arched and I knew that I was about to cum. He kept fingering me and licking at my clit, even after I came, to make sure, that I enjoyed every second of our foreplay.

"My god the taste of your juices, cumming in my mouth, all over my finger" he said aloud, I know it made him crazy.

Robert moved up my body and kissed me so that I could taste myself.

I turned and lay on my back next to him eyes closed listening to the rain, and the sight of his hard cock, standing straight, and the pre-cum dripping off it sent me yet again into a sexual frenzies. Robert felt my one hand on his cock and the other was cupping his balls.

I started stroking him, and squeezing his balls very gently at the same time. Just then, he felt my moist lips on his cock taking him in my mouth only the head to start with.

He moaned, feeling my lips on his cock, there were few better feelings than his cock in my mouth.

I started sucking him taking him all the way in, stroking him, gently squeezing his balls and I knew that it was not going to take long before I drove him over the edge, and he would cum in loads.

"God you knew just how to suck my cock, how to stroke it, and how hard to squeeze my balls" Robert told me that he was going to cum but, I kept sucking and stroking him until I could feel his entire body stiffen.

I did not take my mouth far away, but I held his cock in my hand and gently squeezed it, until he came.

I got some on my mouth and over my beautiful breasts I did not know if he was going to stop soon or not but I milked him until he was empty and licked him clean.

I layed back and closed my eyes, listening to the rain and the thunder. We cuddled up next to another and must have fallen asleep, because when I woke up, the thunder storm had disappeared and it was raining softly. He looked over at me and I was fast asleep on my back, My nipples still erect waiting for attention, Robert

leaned over and gently started kissing, sucking and using his tongue.

I stirred and opened my eyes, smiling at him.

His hand moved between my open legs, and he ran a finger up and down my slit and I was wet almost immediately.

Robert moved me on top of him and I straddled him, lifting my ass up, so that he could penetrate me far deeper than before.

As I slid my wet place of passion over his cock and slid down so that I could all of him he went in with such ease. it was magical again.

We started to move slowly, at first, but then we started to pick up speed.

Robert began massaging my breasts and your nipples even more and I was loving it.

I began throwing my head back and letting little moans escape me.

We were moving faster and in rhythm, we wanted each other and we wanted to feel each other, I wanted him in me, and he wanted to be inside of me.

We were going at the same pace, and I think we knew we were going to cum at the same time, I could feel his body stiffen under me, and he could feel my wet place of desire closing in on his cock.

We let out a scream as we came, I could feel his juices shoot up in me and mix with mine.

I collapsed on top of him and we stayed that way for what felt like hours

Robert stood and walked to the bay windows,closed them all and returned to me picked me up in his arms and carried me to the room.

He put me in bed and joined me.

Before long we fell asleep in each other’s arms, we could still hear the gently rain falling outside.

The last thought Robert had before he fell asleep was hoping that every time it rains I would be waiting in the lounge, dressed in my lingerie…………

Can everyone tell I have a Weakness for Robert?

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