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She was busy at the basin, she had her back towards the door and she did not see him come in. She felt his hands around her waist, one handing touching her breasts. He had put his hands inside her bathrobe as it was hanging open.

She could feel her nipples go hard immediately as his one hand played with her nipples and the other moved down her tummy towards her shaven pussy. He kissed her neck and gently sucked on her earlobe.

She was getting wet and she knew he was enjoying it because his hard cock was pressing against her and it was very hard.

He was still standing behind her and slowly let his finger slide into her wet pussy, finger fucking her slowly.

He wanted to penetrate her--

His cock was hard and he wanted to feel her wet warm pussy close over him. She wanted him inside of her, she wanted to feel his cock insider her too. As he make his way into her, gently at first but then she wanted him to fuck her with force

He took her bathrobe off and let it drop to the floor.

He told her to bend over and hold onto the basin

He slowly penetrated her from behind, she was bent low and could feel every inch of his cock sliding into her wet waiting pussy.

While he was fucking her from behind, he had one hand on her breast and nipples and with the other, he was playing with her hard clit

Fucking her from behind like this, was driving him crazy, her pussy was tight and he was enjoying the feeling.

She told him “fuck me harder and faster” which he did and he knew he was going to cum soon.

He could feel it build up inside of him, she was also close, because he could feel her pussy clenching his cock.

He came in spurts and she could feel his cum shooting inside of her that feeling made her cum and she came all over his cock the erotic explosion ran down his legs.

They both collapsed on the floor and held each other tightly kissed and just layed there

Robert then asked me if I would like to go and have a shower.

They walked hand in hand towards the bathroom.

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