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Pure Seduction


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This is just one of many published That I wrote for My Weakness-- Please Enjoy

It's Just Pure Seduction

To Weakness my pure inspiration to seduction

Night by night I hope and pray I face reality this day

I tell myself just once again, he is just a simple


A friend with wants and needs as I an yet I still

keep asking why?

It's just pure seduction

He is older, I am young

Tender thoughts of being one continually revolve in

my mind

It's just pure seduction

Lying on silk sheets of fire

Feeling pulse rates beating higher

I say again, it can't be true

It's just pure seduction

Tears of bliss roll down my face and now I understand

my place

I'm your friend, your confidante, your lover

I love you, but feared our attraction

And fell deep when we took action

And now I know pure satisfaction

It is just pure seduction . . .

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