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Butterfly Woes

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So I got my new Erotic Butterfly Vibrator in today. Hooray me. I was so excited. xD Anyway, I put it on. I'm only 85 pounds so I had to get really creative with the straps but it seemed to hold in place pretty well, I was impressed.

My problem was that it...didn't do much. I got confused at first since there were two ends that seemed equally useful for vibrating...but one had more sensation than the other so I tried that one...

At one point after about five minutes of constant buzzing I felt some tingling but otherwise it was just something vibrating (I could FEEL the vibrations but nothing really came from it). And when I stood it slipped loose immediately so I had no direct stimulation.

Any tips would be appreciated. ^^;;; The butterfly sounded like so much fun so I'll be very sad if it doesn't work out. -clucks tongue-

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