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Shyla is your typical (ha!) small town girl (ha!) with big dreams (ha!) and nothing to do on a saturday night than watch cartoons (ha!) Ok ok, so she is an atypical woman with a sexual appetite that would put Hugh Hefner to shame, BUT, she has been done wrong again and again by jerks who use her only for her incredible ability to deep throat.

Shyla is just looking for someone to pay the same attention to her as she gives, but instead she seems to find the biggest jerks available and becomes jaded against the males in this world. She has some close (yep, THAT close) friends to comfort her, but even they blur the line between sex and comfort. Someone does understand Shyla's distress, and that someone is killing the men who use her! Are Shyla's friends so protective they would kill for her? Is there a secret admirer doing what Shyla would like to do herself? Who is killing these folks? (and where did they learn to act?)

I have a big problem with violence being mixed with sex in this manner. I am all for some BDSM in a consentual relationship, but violence and murder in a porn makes me uneasy.

The film is alright, the sex is fantastic and the cast is beautiful.

There is some amazing deepthroating, men in uniform, girl on girl, classy backgrounds and even some music that doesn't stink. Overall the film is good, as long as you can handle the violence.

The violence is tacky and only implied, but it can be a nasty trigger to folks who have been hurt in their own lives, so I would warn that if you feel like this could bring on some traumatic memories, just go ahead and try another film.

If you are into it, and think you can safely watch it- then go for it... if you dare ;)


Caution: Violence within

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