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Cum Play: Red Shoe At Work


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This was the first of a growing number of cum play stories on Pretty Dirty. I've already posted two of them here in the past and will share others soon.



I am in a meeting. One of the women in the meeting is wearing red flats. She is a friend. We fucked once on a trip. We thought it was going to be an issue. It hasn’t been. We haven’t fucked again and probably won’t. She can’t sit still. Her legs are crossed, her legs are uncrossed. Her feet are on the floor, her feet are under her ass. She can’t seem to stop. I don’t mind.

She’s got bare legs and a short skirt (despite the fact that it’s snowing here today) and a grey t-shirt with a little red cardigan. Now she is flipping her shoe on and off - exposing her foot for everyone in the room. (Maybe not everyone is paying attention, but I sure am.) Every time she does it there is a slight slapping sound. It is making me hard.

She is sitting right next to me. I turn my chair, ostensibly to look at that end of the table, so that I can look at her more easily. Her shoes are off and on the floor. Her legs are curled under her. Her feet are splotched and red. Her toes are short and round - very nice - with bright red polish. She has her hand on one of them and begins rubbing it absentmindedly.

She is swiveling on her chair. As she does he skirt rides up her thighs. They are smooth and pale. I want to see the top but that isn’t going to happen. She knows what she is doing and I can see and evil smile on her lips as we sit there and pretend to care about what is being discussed.

She steals a glance at me. Under the table she makes a jack off gesture. I just shake my head. I would love to fucking jack off right now. She begins to stroke the wrinkled sole of her right foot. While she drives me wild, she looks impassively at whomever is speaking. She curls and uncurls her toes. The bulge is obvious in my pants.

She writes something in her notebook, tears out the page and passes it to me - still looking totally serious and attentive. Her note says: “Take one of my shoes into the bathroom and cum in it. I’ll put it on in here and play with your cum.” My head starts to spin. She bends over and picks up one of her shoes and puts in on my lap.

Her shoe is so small. It’s a tiny flat that I am able to slip into my jacket pocket. I get up and excuse myself. My heart is beating a mile a minute and I can’t get enough air. She pretends to take notes. I walk out of the darkened conference room and head straight to the bathroom.

When I get there, I go into the handicap stall. I sit on the toilet and pull out her shoe. It is bright red and made of satin. The sole is thin plastic and can be folded easily. The inside is warm from her foot - and worn.

I unzip my pants and pull out my dick, her shoe on my lap. I spit into my right hand and begin jerking myself off. I hold her shoe in my left hand with my head inside it. I lean back and imagine her small pale foot. I imagine how it would feel to rub my cock on the sole of her bare foot. I imagine the look on her face as I spray warm cum across her feet. I begin to cum.

My cum shoots inside the shoe in four thick heavy jets. There’s a lot of cum in the shoe. It pools in the heel when I tip it up. I slip my dick back into my pants and zip up. I tip her shoe toe down do I can put it into my pocket without spilling any cum. I step out of the stall, wash my hands and walk back into the conference room.

She doesn’t even look up as I sit down. She glances at me and arches an eyebrow. Adjusting my jacket, I carefully remove her shoe and put it gently on the floor beside her. She looks down and smiles. She reaches for it and pulls it closer with her toes. Looking into my eyes, she slowly and deliberately slides her foot into the shoe.

I can hear a slight squishing sound as my cum oozes around her foot. “It’s still warm,” she mouths to me. I can see, by the top of her foot, that she is wriggling her toes inside her cummy shoe. She takes some notes and then asks a question - all the while stirring my cum with her toes.

She slides her foot from her shoe. It glistens with my cum. She lifts her foot beside her thigh. Her foot arches along her skirt - wrinkling her sole. My cum runs along her arch around the ball of her foot and toward her toes. She takes hold of her foot with her hand.

She begins to rub the cum into her sole. With one finger, she wipes it from between her toes. She holds her hand below the table and shows me that her finger is wet with my cum. As though deep in thought, she brings the finger to her mouth and runs it along her lips. Her tongue quickly darts out and licks the cum from her finger and then licks her lips.

I can see red blush creeping up her throat. She slides the front of her foot back into her shoe and slides her toes through my cum. She does this for the rest of the meeting. The meeting ends. She slides her foot into her wet shoe.

We get up to leave the meeting. “That meeting was so fucking boring,” she says, as we walk out of the conference room, “you made it a lot more fun.” “We’ll have to do it again sometime,” I suggest. She winks as we walk to our offices.

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