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Marble Waterproof Love Bullet 7x


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The Topco Marble love bullet didn’t look that impressive to me when I removed it from the box, but I know that looks can be deceiving. And in this case they really are. After I removed it from the box I didn’t notice the new toy smell some toys have, it was almost odorless always a good thing.

The massager measures 2.25 inches with a controlled attached by a wire. I really liked that it had an on / off button as well as another button to switch through the 7 various speeds. The box states the multiple speeds are soothing to startling, making me even more intrigued, plus it is waterproof adding more fun for shower or bath time.

After getting the batteries inserted (2 AA batteries not included) , I switched it on.

Level one is a strong vibe, stronger than I have had in a bullet before but very pleasurable.

Level two is a pulsating vibe, that got the favorite vote from my husband close second for me.

Level three starts out less strong to pulsating, strong back to pulsating. My husband used this setting on me through my jeans and the vibes were so wonderful through the layers.

Level four starts out hard to a slow pulsate ending with a fast pulsate.

Level five is vibes that start out strong move down to medium down to slow up to medium up to strong.

Level six was described as a guitar riff by my husband where it pulsates, stops, pulsates, stops.

Level seven had a short medium pulsate followed by a strong vibe.

I found the design on this bullet a refreshing addition to my toy collection. The pink swirl marbleized color is pleasing to the eye with all the purple I have in my box. It is latex free, phthalate free (these are on the clear box but are so small I had to use a magnifying glass to actually see what this toy is free of :) ) This is not a silent vibe, I wouldn't characterize it as loud but with the power it packs you have some sound from it.

This bullet had a great test session. My husband liked the variety of different levels on the bullet. I used it for a little afternoon delight for him. The different levels helped him to get fully aroused quickly and after a little switching between the levels he had a great orgasm with a little help from my hand and bullet. As I said before my session started with some teasing through my jeans. After many moments of bliss, I unbuttoned my pants to have a wonderful clit orgasm.

This bullet is a welcome addition to my bullet collection I seem to have. I know it will be my bullet of choice for quite some time to come. And I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality bullet.

7 levels of WOW

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