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Mini Bullet And Controller


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First Impression

Having heard many great things about bullets, I was very excited to see

this in my box! The first thing I noticed was the packaging - very fun,

playful, and very cute. I'm a sucker for cute, so I really found the peach

colour of the toy itself extremely attractive. On from the packaging,

which was delightfully easy to open, the toy itself is "velvet touch"

which is very soft and smooth; pleasant.


The battery compartment was located at the bottom of the controller,

accessed easily with a screw-off cap - there was no indication as to the

directions the 2AA batteries should face, but there's a fifty percent

chance of getting it right either way.


I did notice a very pushy odor; it reminded me of the scent of an

over-chlorinated pool. It wasn't overpowering but it was very noticeable.


I'm a girl who likes my vibrations - and this toy seems to have plenty of

punch of being so tiny! All of the settings are controlled by a small

hand-held controller attached to the bullet, and the first setting is

already fairly powerful. The difference between the second and third

settings isn't too noticeable, but the difference between the third and

fourth is again easily noticed. All of the vibrations are the same

constant pulse, you just control the intensity.


Having gone all of Spring Break toyless, and now having a new one to play

with, I was understandably eager! So of course I shed the clothes and

hopped in bed for a little "experimenting." The softness of the bullet

makes it great for stroking over the skin so it's excellent for foreplay -

it actually has the same texture as a finger, so it certainly makes it


As far as climaxing power, the first and second settings - while great for

warming up - were simply too weak for me. The third setting had me going

in 6 minutes, eighteen seconds, eighty-nine milliseconds (Why yes, I do

have a stopwatch). For the fourth it was five minutes, fifty four seconds,

and forty-seven milliseconds. Those are both fairly decent times - and

this was with no stimulation other than this toy. I was very impressed by

that, and have added this toy to my list of favourites.

Final Thoughts

I was very excited to try out my first bullet, and this toy delivered!

Despite a rubbery scent that wouldn't go away, it was an extremely

pleasant experience. It worked quickly and efficiently to do its job, and

left me with a smile on my face. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes

about a medium vibration - even the highest setting stays at a fairly

medium power. It's a very quiet toy, which is great for those of us with

thin walls, and waterproof to boot!

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*chuckle* Nice review! :) That peach color is great! I haven't seen that color for a bullet yet, I don't think. Hopefully the smell goes away in time with washings.

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Glad you liked it. =) The colour is really bright, which makes it quite a happy toy!

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