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Jenna Loves Rocco

Jenna and Rocco, Together for the First Time



First Impression

I’m still fairly new to porn movies, so I wasn’t too certain what to think about this one, but I found the cover was certainly interesting – I’m not sure how tasteful it is to have scene shots from the middle of sex scenes, as it makes the cover a little obvious as to what’s inside which makes it a little hard to play it off as not a porn movie case (which I just bumped into seeing as I’d just started this review when a friend of mine walked into my room to ask me to print a paper for her!) so I’m not particularly fond of the cover but I must say that while the cover style isn’t to my taste, the people on it certainly seem to be attractive.


I must say I really like the menu set-up, it lets the watcher choose which full scene they’d like to watch, and that makes sense to me – if I end up enjoying certain scenes, I can go back to them, and just them, any time! I’ve also noticed that this video has a very old-fashioned feel to it – it was produced in 2000 so I suppose I can see why, but it almost seems to have been made with a feel from the 80’s.

Well, after the hour and a half allotted to the opening credits, it hopped right into a scene in Italy. Apparently the husband hasn’t been doing his job, so now his two friends are stepping in to please the wife – and she is all for it. The music is rather…unrelated to the event, a really happy Italian song, and the constant “Oh oh oh yes oh yes” is incredibly annoying and so completely unnecessary that I find it’s hard to believe the scene at all. And then in an unexpected twist – the husband shows up, and he is not even slightly amused! This catapults us into the rest of the movie; three-ways, four-ways, good old fashioned two-ways, licking, sucking, anal, we cover just about everything.

Honestly…I got bored after a while. There were a few moments that were very, very sexy, but overall I felt like I was watching the same thing over and over. The same sounds, the same situations, the same persistent music. At first I had high hopes for this DVD, but when I realized I was considering turning on the TV for something else to watch while the stupendously long and repetitive scenes played out, I realized I didn’t care for it.

So I’m going to have to give this one a thumbs down – I didn’t enjoy it, as hard as I tried, and will probably not be watching this movie again.

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