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The sweet scent of strawberries & champagne fills your senses as warm hands kneed the muscles of your back. A gentle glide of feathers caresses your skin with powder before your partner kisses & licks it away. And you know this is only the beginning...

I’d heard nothing but good about the KamaSutra brand. This was my first KS item & I now understand. My husband & I had SUCH a sensuous time with the Strawberries & Champagne KamaSutra Gift Set.

Ours came in a pretty box that once opened, we knew we were going to enjoy. The scents are dreamy, not sicky sweet. The items are quality made with generous amounts & nice touches like glass bottles with cork stoppers & satiny bags. It’s just... pretty.

My husband started “his” playtime by massaging my back with Oil of Love. It’s a warming oil that heats slightly & is only activated by stimulation. When Thurisas was rubbing my back, I could feel warmth from his hands; but when he stopped, it was gone.

He followed this by running a feather duster over my skin. I was soon covered in a light coat of kissable Honey Dust -- and kiss me he did! He LOVED the body powder. He went on & on about the taste & smell -- and I let him, seeing as he was kissing, nibbling, licking & rubbing while he did!!

The third round of pleasure play was with a drop of Pleasure Balm on my clit & nipples. In seconds, I felt an extremely pleasurable cool sensation. Blowing a small stream of air on my already cooled skin made my back arch. The coolness lasted about 15 minutes.

Everything about this kit is wonderful: presentation, quality, quantity, smells & tastes. The only thing that some may not care for is the after-feel. Having had three different edible products & a slathering of kisses, licks & nibbles, I was ever-so-slightly tacky-feeling when our playtime was over. It probably wouldn’t bother many people, but I needed to wash. Of course, that can lead to more fun, showering with your mate!

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