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I don't know how to post a picture of the vibe, but I was happy to get my free toy in my last order! The pink approx. 2 inch little vibe comes with a keychain and a small .4oz bottle of lube, also on a key chain.

This pink, pretty little vibe looked quite promising and I opened the package eagerly. One can never have too many clit stimulators! The lipstick shaped vibe takes 3 LR44 button batteries which came with the set. They were a bit difficult to insert as they kept flipping over but I persevered. Once the batteries were in, I turned this little vibe on and was impressed by the strength of the vibrations in my hand. The turn dial gives you the opportunity to experience slow vibes all the way up to zinging vibes. I couldn't wait to get this lipstick vibe to my nether lips.

I washed it up quickly...hard plastic washed easily...and checked out the lube that came with it. The lube was watermelon-flavored and was pleasant tasting. It was a slippery, thin lube which I liked. When you finish with this lube the opening at the top is big enough to add your own, so you can have a constant supply.

Now came the time to play. I stripped and lubed up..then placed this little vibe right over my clit...and experimented with the vibes. The dial is small and somewhat difficult to turn especially if you accidentally get lube on it! I like the full power vibe and it tickled so fine. I dressed and kept the vibe in place...walking around was heaven...the noise is a bit noticeable so you might have trouble wearing this around other people.

This little vibe was not strong enough to bring me to orgasm but it did feel great walking around with it in place. After about 20 minutes I was worked up enough to grab a stronger vibe to finish me off. This might be a great warm-up toy or great for someone who likes less intense vibes. The key chains are a cute touch but i'd rather keep this in my purse. It is a good accessory to have if you 're stuck in traffic!

I guess I'd give this freebie a 3/5...but I'm glad it came in my package and plan on using it to "pump" up my day. One can never have too many lipsticks, either.

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