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Orgasms On Roller Coaster ?


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Hi Folks, Di and I recently submitted our tale about riding the log ride at Six Flags and we recieved some wonderful responses, Thanks. One young lady said she wanted to try the same thing but was afraid her boyfriend wouldn't go for it because he didn't like roller coasters. I explained to her that I wasn't crazy about riding them either because I really don't like anything going that fast that I can't control. But I'm a big fan now because the first time Di and I went to an amusement park, Magic Mountain, she asked me to ride on the big loop roller coaster and if I did she would show me a secret of hers when we were done. Well I gathered all up all my courage and climbed on and when we were done Di took me over to an isolated corner, grabbed my still shaking hand and slipped it down her shorts. To my amazement her pussy and panties were soaking wet. Thats when she told me that riding thrill rides really got her excited to the point it was the closest she ever came to having an ogasm without having sex. We rode a lot of rides that day, luckily some of them end with big water splashes that way Di didn't walk around looking like only her pussy was wet. When we got to the car that night I was so horny I pulled Di into the back seat and licked her wet pussy clean while she sucked my cock, I'm sure some people got a real good show that night. Well if your still with me, the reason I told you all about that was to ask a question. Di and I got wondering if there were other people like her out there, the only thing about it that turns me on is watching Di get so excited, so do any of you ladies, or guys I quess get sexually turn-on to the point of orgasm, or almost, riding on amusement park rides or doing other thrill type activities, parachuting, bungee jumping, etc. ? We would love to hear your stories. :o

Di & James

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