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The names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved. Heh.


Once upon a time, there was a woman named Joy. Joy liked the sun, the beach and being naked. One bright sunny Sunday, she decided she wanted to go down to the nude beach and lay out. She called all her friends, but they all had plans for the day already.

“Damn!” she said. “I’ll just go by myself. I know everyone that will be down there as I go every weekend.”

So, she packed up her Audi TT and head off to the beach. When she got there, she recognized almost everyone that was there. After the hello’s and how are you’s, she spread out her towel, got out her book, and started to undress.

She started putting sunscreen on. She began with her arms; slowly making sure it was rubbed in evenly. Then came her chest. She noticed Jake and Steve* watching. She slowly and lovingly spread the lotion over her perky breast and rubbed it in. She had to make sure the nipples were well coated, so she spent extra time massaging them.

Next she traveled down her stomach, making sure to get both sides of her throw rug and in the area where her thigh meets her lips. Then it was down her long tan legs, making sure every inch was coated.

“Can someone get my back for me?” she said with a little grin on her lips.

“I will” Jake said as he was jumping up.

“Thanks” Joy said as she lay down on her towel.

She tensed a little at the coldness of the sunscreen as Jake squeezed some out.

As he started to massage it in, he said “Sorry.”

“No, problem” Joy sighed as she relaxed in the feel of his hands.

Slowly he worked the lotion in. Making long sweeps of her body. He liked watching his hands rise and fall as they traveled over her tight round ass. He noticed that every time his hands got to this area Joy would let out a very silent sigh.

“Hmmm.” she sighed.

“Feel Good? You like that?” He asked

“Very much. You have nice hands.”

Slowly, every time he made a circle on her ass he would let a finger fall between the spaces of her thighs. At this, Joy would raise her backside ever so slightly and let out a little bit louder sigh. Jake did this teasing for a while. Then out of the blue, he slipped a finger inside Joy. When he felt the shudder that it sent through her body, he began to swell. As he worked his fingers in and out of Joys sweet, dripping pussy, he moved himself so that he was directly behind her. Then with his free hand, he lifted her hips higher in the air. He removed his finger and replaced them with his throbbing hard cock.

“Oh god!” Joy moaned

With every thrust, he could feel her tense as she rode the edge of coming. After feeling her getting to the edge a number times and hearing her moans grow louder and louder, he rammed her pussy as hard as he could again and again.

With a scream of ecstasy that echoed down the beach Joy explode. Her back arched as he grabbed her nipples and twisted.

“Jesus, oh god, Fuck me fuck me fuck me” echoed down the beach.

Finally, spent, she removed her dripping pussy from is cock. She then turned on her knees and took him in her mouth. It was his turn to moan. As she worked his dick with one hand, she used the other to play with his balls. Moving her mouth up and down, she let him set the pace. Occasionally she would remove his cock and start sucking on his balls. Then she would return to the spot that tasted so sweet. As his paced quickened, she started flicking her tongue around the edge of his cock head. With that he grabbed her head and rammed into her mouth. She swallowed as she felt the warm sticky juices fill her mouth.

“Mmm...Tasty” She said with a little grin on her face.

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