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:rolleyes: Our weekend visitors,Beth and Carla[who's a shemale]arrived friday night.After dinner we made some drinks and put on some nice music.Beth wasted no time to strip Carla and fasten a cock strap ,leather wrist restraints,collar and stretch bar to keep her spread eagle.Beth was sucking Carla's cute little hairless penis until it was bulging straight up and then inserted a butt plug.My husband stripped me and Beth handed him some rope.He bound me and they placed me under Carla in a doggie style and bound us together[hard to explain].Beth slid under me and was licking my pussy fiercefully and then my husband went down on Beth's pussy right in front of my face.He would stop and stick his penis in my mouth,then back to beth.Beth screamed and her body was shaking while she was licking my now,wet pussy.Then she inserted a butt plug in me ,slid out and took my husband's penis in her mouth.My husband poisitioned her in fronf of me and entered her.I could see his penis shinning with wetness as he withdrew.He positioned her pussy for me to lick,as i did.She smelled fantastic and tasted like a mint.I was in a bliss and then felt Carla's penis enter me.Beth released her fluids and I licked it up.There was very little taste,but good[this is my first].Carla's penis was just big enough to hit my g-spot and I gushed all over her.Restaints were released Beth entered me with her strapon as my husband's penis went down my throat as Carla sucked my nipples.My butt plug was removed and I think Carla F**ked my ass using a finger condom[new to me],could have been her finger.Then Beth entered my ass with her strapon while Carla fingered my clit.My husband exploded his yum in my mouth.I shook like crazy and kept cumming over and over.He withdrew and Carla put her penis in my mouth.I could even take her little balls in my mouth,then she shot streams of fluid,[very watery],unlike regular cum.It did have a delightful taste and lots of it.We took turns on Carla's ass and sucking her beautiful titties.Then my husband f**ked her as she had asked for a year ago.I don't think she ever had a pounded like that before,nor the size.She had tears in her eyes,yet smiling.To the showers we went where all three of us sucked my husband to erection again.Carla's penis never went soft[amazing].In bed that night I sucked both penises again and swallowed both of their yummy treat.Saturday I used the strapon on Beth and it was her turn for my husband to f**k her ass.We fingered her and played with her clit until she gushed.It was her first time and won't be the last.I never had so o's and drank so much cum [female,male,shemale].T think my husband's poor penis needs a rest.Oral
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