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The Sister Song

June 28th, 2005

I have power.

I stand eternal.

I make blind men see.

And have been known to

make men speak in tongues.

I throw off heat.

I can melt steel.

I can part water.

And can devastate

with a look.

The Gods have nothing on

me you see.

It's my woman power

fed from a spring they

know nothing of.

Between my thighs life is given

and I can take from you even when

you are not ready to give.

I control destiny with

a flick of a heel and a

turn of the ankle.

I can bring you back

regardless of whether

you chose to stay.

Or leave you there.

It's all here between

my legs. My power.

I am woman and I know.

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Lol ty Iha, I'm glad people are enjoying it. I never read mists of Avalon, but I have heard of them.

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They are very impowering for women, following the female druidic priestesses. And that could easily have come from any one of those books. PS Mists of Avalon has a great threesome scene with Arthur, Guinievere and Lancealot

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