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Empathetic Communion


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There is an interesting background to this piece. A close woman friend of mine consummated her relationship, and without knowing she did, I wrote this piece within hours of her doing that.

When I found out, I posted it to my blog and named it empathetic Communion.

For some reason I just knew at that point in time she was with him. How odd is that? Part of me was a psychic voyeur that night I think.

Empathetic Communion

Images come, transparent shades of green.

Reflecting light back to me,

in shades of celadon, hazel

palest of pale.

Dependant upon the way

of the light.

Through her eyes, I see.

They are becoming.

Emotion, like color, floods me.

Envelops me... and I stop

and say, yes, she is.


And he is.


And it is good.

So I steal a moment and

become a voyeur.

A taker.

Letting it wash over me

allowing feelings to come

and tangle within my

essence, my being.

Coalescing and merging.

Building, ascending



And I breathe.

Thievery at it's basest.

Love pours through me.

the moment it is, here.


Aware that for her,

He is all.

And for him, she is utter perfection.

Solely existing.

One with his being.

It is done.

Moments pass and

color returns.

All is normal again.

Love satisfied, love fulfilled,

and it is good.

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Wow! That is amazing...you must have had a special bond with her to write something so intimate as this piece.

She was my closest friend, a sister.

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