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To You


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To you...

When the wind blows, listen.

Let it carry your name to you,

spoken in a whisper from my lips.

When the night falls, let it bring music

to you, from a day spent with my heart

singing a song of love.

When the silence comes, let it bring

peace to you, enveloping you in a

sweet embrace that I would...

if I could.

When sleep beckons you, let it hasten to you,

and follow quickly, for that is when souls embrace.

And the waiting is no more.

And when you awake, meet your day,

Let it bring new found hope to you.

And understand that no matter what

it brings, I'm there waiting for you

at the end of it.

And when it seems your faith is lost,

let this bring comfort to you,

knowing that which you can't see, simply is.

That my love for you is your destiny,

and you will never be alone again.

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