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A Short Story That Will Be Continued.....


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At 40 yrs old, I have never had such strong love for a female. It is a hard tym in "Jills" life 4 the both of us, and I look foward 2 the day it all smooths out. " Jill" is the most BEAUTIFUL LADY, that I ever had the privledge of walking alongside. She means the world to me, and I try to be her rock. Other than walking on the beach of Pt Pleasant NJ and having relaxing times, thers no better feeling than making sweet passionate love to her. Its an awsome feeling when I penetrate her love box, and she has to stop me to catch her breath b4 I could continue. When I do, and she is having her outter body xperence I could feel her fluids rinsing over my shaft. She calls me " Jack" for sum of the ass things that I do. ...." JACK"..-..ASS. Its all good. I laugh at my self for stupid shit.

So, anyway this past Memorial Day weekend we headed up to the Pocono area. On Sunday we drove up, and once in the area " Jill " took me on a detour. Ya c, years ago she found a private water fall and when we found the driveway we parked and went down. Its on private property, and the owners came out to greet us. Once we got ther ok we spent a few hours out in the woods with nature. Being in the mountain woods with the love of my life, ignited a sexual fantasy. It was one I didnt know I had, but walking around with a dripping shaft head for a few hours, I was not going to forget how I felt any time soon. I get swollen anytime I hold her hand and especially when I massage her ass checks. And being out on this private land, with at least a 30" water fall in a strangers back yard I was very aroused. Not much happened on this day in the woods, but it kept me thinking of what could.

It was not long b4 we got checked-in our room. Once we got situated with our bags and coolers, we had a few beers and some chez n crackers to relax. A short-time later, dressed in some sexy hot shorts Jill came cat crawling over to me and started a very hot make out session. It had me searching out her vagina lips , that I found to be very MOIST :P and SLICK. With her juices flowing , my finger enters her body. It is the feeling of her wet pussy, knowing that she is aroused that makes me just want to pleasure her to completion evry tym I touch her. As we lay there on the bed in a hot soul searching toung kiss, she is getting wettr as I continue to stroke her with my finger. I have my thumb on her clitoris, as her juices coat my digit. As she has her orgasm and locks my hand between her legs, I continue to stroke. Feeling " Jill " has peaked, I try to remove my hand. As my hand is released, I move to get up and in one motion I have " Jills "sexy hot shorts around her ankles. With me now kneeling on the floor, I hook my arms around the back of her knees and pull her to edge of the bed. Where I start by licking her toes and the soles of her feet. This really gets her hot and I give her my finger again. As I continue to stroke her with my finger and suck and lick her feet she once again nears orgasm, which at this moment I dive in and lick her suculent pussy juices as they flow out and onto my tung.

With " Jill " stil on her back, Im able to tung her lil puckered rose bud. It was a first for me, and I just went to town devouring her sexy lil ass. Plowing my tung in her ass was an xperenc for the both of us that we found very hot. I first went for the tooth brush b4 going for the evr so hot finishing kiss. Once back in " Jills " arms, she treated me to one of her fabulous blow jobs. There is no bettr sensation for me than to feel her lips gliding along my shaft. With a hand full of blonde locks wraped tight around my fist, she gives me complete release into her mouth. With the help of a towel we dry off and rest with a cold beer. With her erect nipple in my mouth and my finger in her pussy, I work my way to giving "Jill" her 3rd of the night.

With JILL on her back, I move between her legs. As I enter her slick pussy

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