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It was approaching bedtime and we had not had any sex for two days. Needless to say we were both horny. DW went in the bedroom and removed her panties. She sat on the sofa with her legs slightly spread so I had a good view of her pussy. I told her I liked what I saw, but something was missing-like my dick. She said that she was getting ready to correct that and thus off to the bathroom.

While drying off I watched her begin to lightly masturbate. My dick was getting really hard. Then she began to lightly trim her pussy to expose her lips better. They were beautiful-so beautiful I couldn't resist using my tongue. As I licked between her lips she tasted so good-sweet!!

Now it was time for my shower. After some shaving around my dick I showered and went to the bed.

DW had put our toys and lube out on the bed and she had begun to use our Pocket Rocket. My dick was covered with precum which upon seeing it she said she had to lick it off. Then we kissed.

I asked her what kind of DVD she wanted to watch. She said that she just wanted to watch sex and didn't care about the plot. She said a threesome DVD would be nice so we could see some girl on girl in addition to fucking and sucking. We selected Jenna in the Middle. We watched some oral as we masturbated together. I touched her pussy-it was so wet.

She said that she wanted to suck my dick. I continued watching the DVD while she gave me some deep throat. Really felt good-she is an expert. Then I told her that I wanted to taste her pussy. She watched the guy fuck a girl while she went down on the other girl. It wasn't long before DW was cumming-she was so hot. Then we kissed deeply sharing her juices.

Then she said I want your big dick. She inserted our Penthouse Vibrating Egg in her pussy and then I put my dick in with it vibrating inside as we fucked.

We continued to watch the DVD as we talked about what they were doing. I told her what a good fuck she was-best I ever had. She said nobody had ever given her the kind of fuck that I do. She said I love your dick and I want you to fill me with cum.

The guy was cumming on the DVD and we couldn't stand it any longer as I filled her with cum as she had another wild orgasm. We just lay there with my dick in her totally exhausted. Wen my dick became soft I withdrew and went down on her creampie-she loved it as she licked the remaining cum off of my dick.

We thanked each other for a great fuck and off to sleep.

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