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We had come back from dinner. I had been teasing you all night. Little kisses, nibbles, and touches. It was driving you crazy. We got back to our room and you closed the door. Suddenly you grab me, and push me gently against the wall, my back towards you. You hold my hands against the wall and growl in my ear, “you’ve been teasing me all night, now it’s my turn”. I grin, knowing that the fun has just begun.

You begin rubbing my ass as you kiss and nibble my neck. Slowly pulling up the leopard print mini dress you had picked out for me. Pressing against me as your hands caress my body. You pull my head back and kiss me. You tell me to take a step back, and spread my legs. I do as you say and you continue to caress me, Up and down my thighs, over my hips, up my stomach before cupping my breasts. You begin to squeeze them, gently at first then harder. Teasing my nipples, pinching and rolling them between your fingers. I moan in pleasure. You move away and walk me to the middle of the room. You tell me to take off my clothes. My excitement is building. I slowly reach up and slip off the dress, exposing my bra, thong panties, garter belts and stockings. You look at me hungrily and tell me to only take off my bra.

“Lie on the bed” I move to the bed and lay down. You move next to me, kissing me, bringing my hands above my head. You know I love it when you pin me down. You ask me if I want you to tie my hands. Neither of us are much for bondage, but the thought of being restrained is intriguing. I say yes. You lightly restrain my hands, not so much to hold me in place but give the feeling of. Then you kiss me again, slowly at first, then more demanding. Our tongues dueling. You pull away and kiss my neck, tweaking my nipple as you get up. I whimper a little at the thought of you leaving me. You grin, and begin taking off your own clothes. Much better you say as you strip down to your boxers. I love the view. I can see the bulge in your shorts and wonder if you wouldn’t be even more comfortable by taking them off too.

You come back to the bed and kiss my neck, caressing my arms, kissing down towards my chest. You begin kneading my breasts, making my nipples hard. You move lower and take a nipple in your mouth. Swirling your tongue around its tip, before sucking it. You suck gently at first, and then harder. Your other hand is playing with my other nipple. I moan with pleasure and arch my back wanting you to take more. You laugh and ask “you like that, don’t you baby?” I smile at you and tell you I do. You keep playing with my nipples until I can’t stand it. I’m arching and moaning. “ooohh, yes baby, play with my nipples,. Feels so good” You then slide down a little farther and kiss my stomach, caressing my hip, licking along my side. Its driving me crazy. You ask me if I’m wet. I tell you “slip your finger between my legs and find out” you laugh and say ”in due time, but I’m going to tease you until you beg for it”

You move down my legs, caressing my skin through my stockings. You tell me how sexy they feel. The silkiness of the stockings and the feel of your fingers brings a moan from my lips. You continue this gentle caressing, teasing me. I’m beginning to squirm. Finally you reach up and undo the garter belts. You kneel in front of me and slowly start rolling the stockings down my legs, kissing and nibbling along the way. I wiggle my toes against your hard cock. You grab my foot and rub my toes. OMG!! That felt good and a bit of a turn on. I see the gleam in your eye as you start working your tongue back up my leg.

When you reach the junction of my legs, you slowly move your thumbs on the inside of my thighs in small circles. Slowly moving closer to my hot wet pussy. I moan in pleasure. You lightly graze a thumb across my lips. I jump in surprise and anticipation. You lean down and kiss my mound, still caressing my thighs. I am so ready. I look at you and whisper” please”. “What was that?” you ask. “Please, please touch me, taste my wetness” I say louder, begging. You laugh and say “that’s my girl” as you slide my now very wet panties off and position yourself more comfortable between my legs. Spreading them wider, giving you better access. You slowly slide your finger up my slit and lick my wetness off of your finger. You tell me how good it tastes. And that you want more. You dip your head down and lick me from bottom to top. I scream in pleasure and spread my legs wider. “please. I want more”. You start to lick my wet pussy, lapping me up, OMG, I love it. You lick a little more, and then move back to my thigh. I whimper and try and push you back to my pussy. You ignore me and lick my thigh as you rub my pussy with your fingers. Gently you nip the inside of my thigh, just as you plunge two fingers deep inside me. I cry out with the surprise and pleasure. “Yes, yes” I say, a I buck my hips and push myself against you. You come back and lick me as you pump your fingers in and out,. Don’t stop. You circle your tongue around my clit as you begin to stroke my g-spot. It all feels so good. I begin writhing underneath you, pushing harder against you, wanting you to take more of me. You oblige. You lick rhythmically to the stroking of my g-spot. I am so wet. I can’t hold back anymore. I buck hard against your face, and scream out in pleasure as I cum all over your tongue and fingers. You tell me” that’s it baby, cum for me, I want you to cum” My body spasms, my pussy clenches around your fingers as I ride out the wave of pleasure. Once the spamming stops, and I lay there panting, and feeling like I am on cloud nine, you strip off your boxers, releasing your now rock hard cock. I hear you breathe in relief after releasing the constricting material. Before I can fully catch my breath, you thrust your hard cock deep inside my pussy, and begin thrusting hard. We both moan in pleasure. You thrust hard, I wrap my legs around you and pull you deep inside me. You can’t wait any longer and you scream my name as you release your cum deep inside my pussy. Yes! Both spent, you move up and untie my hands, kissing me gently. I tell you how fantastic it felt and how much I love you. You roll over on your back, I lay my head on your chest and we revel in the warm afterglow of our awesome lovemaking.

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