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The first couple of days in Seattle have been wonderful. Waking up with each other every morning, going to bed with each other every night. Making love over and over, reveling in how good it feels and basking in its afterglow. The conference itself has been brutal but we have figured out ways to keep ourselves entertained. The little storage closet we escaped to the first day has come n handy a couple of times.

By midweek you were feeling a bit frisky. We had just finished the afternoon session and retired to our room. We quickly freshened up and I was about to ask what you wanted to do for dinner when you took me in your arms and began kissing me. I leaned into your kisses and we kissed passionately. Then, you pushed me back a little, looked me in the eyes and asked “do you trust me?” This was so unusual of you but I trust you completely so I slowly nodded yes. You say “good, take off your clothes slowly so I can watch” . I’m a bit surprised, but feeling a bit giddy and excited I comply.

Slowly, I take my clothes off and stand in front of you naked, never taking my eyes off of you. You watch me intently, and I see the desire in your eyes. I feel a flush of arousal. You move a nearby chair to the foot of the bed and sit down. You tell me to lay down on the bed.. I obey as my arousal heightens. I glance over to the nightstand and see an array of sex toys . I can’t help but grin. I look back at you and your expression is completely serious though I see a glint of humor in your eyes. You tell me to touch myself. I look at you and you tell me again ”touch yourself, I want to watch you touch yourself, give yourself pleasure.” I smile as I slowly move my hands down my body. Move from my neck down to my breasts. I gently pull on my nipples until they are hard nubs. I begin rubbing them harder, pulling, teasing, tweaking them. Having you watch me is really exciting me. I start to really enjoy my playing. I move one hand a little farther. Gliding it gently across my stomach, down the side of my hip. I love when you touch me like this. I continue massaging my hip, playing with my nipple. I lick my lip as I look at you, watching me. My hand trails farther down. I part my legs slightly. I can feel my own wetness as your gaze intensifies. I start slowly trailing my fingers down the inside of my thigh and back up. I move my other hand down to the other thigh and begin moving closer to my pussy. I see you reach down and massage your cock through your pants. I spread my legs wider to give you a better view as I slide my fingers up and down my pussy lips. I’m getting wetter. I slip one finger up and down , then move it to my mouth and suck it. I can taste my arousal. I hear you softly moan.

My fingers are playing along the edges of my pussy, never quite touching my clit, or slipping inside of me. I spread my lips and finger myself slowly at first and then pick up the pace. I rub my clit in small circles, gentle pressure at first and then harder. When I slip my fingers inside of me, I gasp and let out a moan. Your watching me is driving me crazy. It is an arousal I never felt before. As the pleasure builds you tell me to stop. You tell me you want me to lube the purple cock and use it to pleasure myself. I reach over to the nightstand and grab the toy. After getting it nice and slick, you tell me to sit up so I can watch how I use it on myself. I do as you say and sit up, bracing myself on one elbow. I slide the toy between my legs and begin rubbing it up and down my slit, over my clit, more and more. “I want to see you thrust it in your hot wet pussy” All I can do is comply, I want it so bad. I want it to be your cock thrusting deep inside me. As you are watching me and my pleasure is building you get up and take off your clothes. Your cock is erect and I can’t take my eyes off of it. I want it, I want you.

You move over to the bed and kneel beside me, covering my hand with yours as we thrust the purple cock in and out. My body is responding, I’m moaning in pleasure. You take my hand away, and thrust a couple more times before taking the toy completely out of me. I whimper with the empty feeling, but expect that you will replace it with the real thing so I reach for you. You grab my wrist and tell me no. You return to the chair and tell me to come suck you. “ I want your sexy mouth to suck me, my kitten” I love to suck you so I crawl off of the bed and willingly go down on my knees to suck you. I begin sucking you and you moan in pleasure, pushing my head down farther, thrusting into me. I suck and play with you until you are about ready to cum.

“Get on your hands and knees on the bed” I want to finish you off so bad, but I want to have you in my pussy too, so I move away and get on my hands and knees on the bed.. You move behind me and grasp my hips “do you like being my sex kitten?” “OMG yes, I love being your sex kitten” “then purr for me” and with that you begin stroking my clit. A few strokes and I am wet and “purring” In one swift movement you have thrust inside me, I arch my back, push back against you and moan in pleasure. You continue thrusting, deeper inside me, leaning over so you can still stroke my clit. I’m moaning loudly, “yes, oh yes, god it feels good. Ooohhh, mmmmm” My body begins to tremble as you take me higher and higher. I can hear your own moans and feel your body tensing. You go over the edge and take me with you. OMG!!!!!!

Spent and satisfied, we crawl to the top of the bed and snuggle. You gently stroke my hair and I purr softly. I feel so content.

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