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Bunny Bullet

I recieved this bunny as a free gift with my order. I love bullets and a bunny sleeve I was so excited to have this in my box. I love bunny and clitoris stimulation.

I inserted the 2 AA batteries in the toy after a quick wash with antibacterial soap. I turned this baby on and saw the bunny ears just a fluttering away. I just knew this baby would be a favorite in no time. The first night I tried the bunny I just couldn't get the bunny ears to stimulate me enough. I knew there was enough power in the bullet without the sleeve but it seems the sleeve cuts that power down. I know that this bullet with th e sleeve with work for many people but sadly it didn't work for me. I have been using the bullet without the sleeve for many pleasurable results. But I am not giving up hope on this sleeve, I do slide it on and try it several times a week, but so far no luck for me. And my husband has made it his mission to get it to work for me so those have and will be fun times.

While it may not give me the O's I need at the moment, it does provide me with some light clitoral stimulation with the sleeve, without it, it delivers. :)

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I'm finding with rabbit stimulators, for me... the closer the bullet is to the top of the bunny head the better. I think that the fact that the bunny head is so much thicker it may be softening the effects of the bullet.

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