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My Girlfriends Cute Feet


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:D Hello first time here...

Well my feetishes..

I must say i have alot... and I have been with my girlfriend now for over 2 years...

and after the first month we were togethee... i started sucking her toes... and putting

her small feet on my cock.. wow... she wasnt expecting that, and no other man has

done anything like that with her before.. I really love her feet and i cum on them and

I fuck them.. and I massage them and I lick them and eat them.. Oh boy...

I have never loved a woman like this before... I just do anything with her... I also

put penut butter on her feet.... (she actually put penut butter on my cock)....

She also loves to smell my feet... (that I dont inderstand yet).... She really gives me

good head... and the last time she played with my cock, she tried something different.

She used her sexy nails and scrtached my cock up and down passing her nails on my head..

Wow that felt sooo good.... and she kept passing her nails on my cock.. until my cock got so

hard and horny that I just came allover her hands..

There is this thing though, I know many of you woman swallow.... and this is what im trying

my girlfriend to do... she said she just doesnt like it much.. She said though that if i end up

cumming in her mouth after she finished giving head, she wont really mind it... but me know

that she's not into it, makes me feel like i cant cum in her mouth... I think would make me feel\

guilty. But i guees in time she will do it.... but i have to say though that we really enjoy every

moment that we share togther.. She told me that I have the cutest cock...lol........

Thanks for reading me.... :P:)B)

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