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The Bedroom Scene


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Karen walked into the room. The first thing she saw was the overly large bed, around it were assorted cameras and huge lights casting everything but the bed into deep shadows. She knew what she was supposed to be doing, although she was a bit nervous. Walking further into the room, to the side there was a door with her name on it. Walking into the next room, she saw a sexy gown that she knew she was supposed to wear. Remember Karen, you signed up for this. she kept telling herself. She wanted to be a star, wether that means porn star or otherwise, she wanted her name in lights! 1

Quickly she dressed in the gown. It went all the way to her toes, but it was just her size. Walking back out into the room, Two men were talking quietly next to the bed. She walked over to them, smiled her dazzling smile, and said "Hi". They just looked at her, until the one on the right, spoke.2

"I believe we will be working together. My name's Kevin, and this here is Frank the Director. You know what to do right? Just make it look real, and I hope I can make it real for you" he smiled and winked. Karen couldn't help but blush. This guy was HOT! His muscles rippled throughout his body, sculpted expertly. His soft wavy brown hair, kissable lips. She was ready to lay down for him right then and there. 3

"Show Time folks, Hope your ready there little lady" The other guy said suddenly walking away. Disturbing her out of her thoughts. Okay this is it! She told herself. She walked over to Kevin, asking where her place is, and he points to the door. She walks over, and stands there. 4

"3...2...1...and...Action!" The director yelled. She walks into the room, looking scared and anxious, just like her part had told her to do. She walks over to the huge bed, Where Kevin was sitting taking off his socks. 5

"I...I was told to be here, b-but I think I-I'm in the w-w-wrong room." She told him, trying to look scared and helpless.6

Kevin looked at her and grinned a sly smile. "No honey, your in the right room. Here let me help you with that." Still smiling he took her jacket off, to reveal a long silk nightie.7

"Well honey, something tells me you already knew you were in the right room" Kevin said grinning ear to ear.8

"I..I was told to wear something bedroom sexy, but that was all" already forgetting that she was supposed to be scared and anxious. He kissed her cheek softly, and she felt butterflies throughout her stomach. Slowly he tilted her head up and kissed her. Surprising herself, she kissed back. Slowly, then more forcefully. She lost her balance, and fell back onto the bed. Then she ruined it, wether or not it was nervousness, she didn't know. She started laughing.9

"Cut! Cut! Why are you laughing, That wasn't in the script! I was willing to go with the falling on the bed thing, but you laughing! This is outrageous" the Director was fuming, and that only made her laughter worse. Then Kevin started laughing. Kevin fell down on the bed from laughing so hard, and then as the director was walking back into the shadows, he leaned over here and kissed her again. This time, it was a soft longing kiss. They were not acting anymore, this time, it was real.10

Kevin started tracing her face with his fingers, from the top of her brow, to the chin, ending with a dot on her nose. That made her smile. Slipping one of her straps off her shoulder, he kissed everywhere it touched, sending shivers down her spine. He then did the same with her other shoulder. Then standing up, he pulled her up with him letting the gown fall to the floor. Karen felt her nipples erect as the cool silk brushed softly past as it made its journey down the length of her body. She reached up and kissed Kevin again, while unbuttoning his shirt. While she was doing that, he unbuckled his belt and took off his pants, letting them fall to the floor as well. Picking her up in his arms, he carried her to the bed, and began playing with her nipples, first with his thumbs, going around in circles, then gently nibbling, first one, then the other. She let a soft moan escape her lips, as she began playing with his already hard dick. When she was busy Massaging his balls, he rose up to kiss her again.11

"Damn, your making me all hot and bothered" he said his line, perfectly, but with renewed interest in the beauty that lay before him. 12

"Well, are you going to fuck me or not?" She grinned, no longer afraid of the camera. She was enjoying this. 13

"Yeah, but first, we are going to have a little fun" He grinned as he reached into her panties, and began stroking her soft lips. Kevin knew he wasn't going to need any lubricant, because she was soaked. He pulled his finger out and tasted it, sweet, like honey. Slowly he pulled her panties off, and bent down to taste the fruit for himself. Finding her clit with his tongue, he began to gently nibble and suck on it, making her writhe and moan. Thrusting her pelvis up into his face, crying out as she was getting closer and closer to an orgasm. Suddenly, he stuck a finger inside of her, and pulling it out, he stuck it deep into her ass. Crying out from the sudden pain, and then the waves of the orgasm began. Moaning and crying all at once, she wasn't sure which. The pain was beautiful, fulfilling. She had never come that hard in her life. 14

"you ready for this baby?" He asked with a mischievous smile. Turning her over on her stomach, without letting her reply, he stuck his dick deep into her pussy. Arching her back and ramming back into him as he fucked her deep, he pulled out. 15

"What! You are going to fuck me now damn't!" She cried out, until she felt the head of his dick at her ass. She froze. She had never done anal before, but remembering the way she felt when his finger was in her ass, she was willing to try. The pleasure would be worth the pain, She hoped. Slowly he began to ease into her asshole, letting her adjust to his size and girth. She winced in the pain, but tried to relax. Then all at once, he slammed into her making her scream in pain mixed pleasure. It hurt, terribly, but it also felt so good. After a few moments the pain faded, and she felt the waves of pleasure, and then she heard a voice.16

"Okay, Now that you two have had your fun, it's my turn" The director said behind her. Kevin froze. He was pushed onto her back, so he was straddling her with his dick inside her, and felt the director's hand on his back. Then the director felt up Karen's wet pussy, sticking his finger in a few times, then going back to Kevin, began finger fucking his ass. Harder and Harder, Kevin began moaning, pounding into Karen, her moaning and crying out made everything better in the Directors eyes. He grabbed some lube from under the pillow, and covered his dick with the cool liquid. 17

In one quick motion, he grabbed Kevin's hips almost pulling him out of Karen, and rammed into him with everything he had. His 9 inches went deep into Kevin, making him cry out in mixed pleasure. Kevin slammed into Karen, faster and faster, with each time the Director fucked him, he fucked Karen. It took a few moments to get a good rhythm going. Finally Kevin felt her ass muscles begin throbbing around him, her moans were getting louder, she was clenching the bed sheets. He wished he could see her face right then, as she screamed out her orgasm, he shot his load deep into her ass, filling her up. One by one, Each of them came together. The director pulled out of Kevin with an audible "pop" sound. Collapsing on the bed, Karen and Kevin looked at each other, smiling. 18

"That's a wrap folks, Good show, oh, and good fuck too" The director said with a smile, as he shut off the camera's. "See ya next time!" The Director called out as he walked out of the room. Slowly Karen got up, ready to get dressed, but Kevin pulled her back down. 19

"Where you going baby? The shows not over yet" Smiling as he bent down to kiss her.20

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