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Most topics in this section tend to be of the Rant category, so I thought I would do one that is more of a Rave. Now it is not in my nature to really rave about anything, so this will just be a general plug. For a comedienne that me and the Mrs. saw a couple of months ago.

Her name is Dena Blizzard, and she does a routine on parenting and kids and being a mom and wife, with a bit of husband bashing mixed in. She bills herself as "One Funny Mother" (www.onefunnymother.com). Pretty funny. Had my wife howling and snorting away. A lot of her material hit home. I really enjoyed it.

This particular show was a part of some sort of Woman's Weekend thing, so in a theater room of 350 or so people, I was one of only 15 or 20 guys in the whole place. I hunkered down in my seat so as not to get picked on.

So if you get a chance, I would recommend seeing her show.

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