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A Picnic Fantasy


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Once upon a time in the land of my imagination, you invited me to a picnic. You arranged everything. When you came to pick me up, you told me that you had one request before we could go.

“Anything you want.” I said.

“You shouldn’t agree to something before you know what it is.” You say huskily.

You take a black silk scarf out of your pocket and ask me to turn around. You gently kiss my neck as you put the scarf over my eyes and tie it tightly in back.

“There, baby.” You whisper close to my ear. “Now you won’t be able to see where we are going.”

We drive for ages. I am anxious since I don’t know where we are, but I trust you completely. Occasionally you reach over and rub and tweak my nipples or push your finger inside my panties to see how wet I am.

Finally we stop and you help me out of the car. You turn me around and take off the blindfold.

It is beautiful. We are in a remote clearing surrounded by trees and bushes. You have spread a huge blanket over the lush grass. Sensual finger foods have been set out.

“See. I have even provided pillows for your comfort and enjoyment.” You chuckle as you pull me down to the blanket after you.

The next half hour is a blur of kissing each other, feeding each other, and feeling each other through our clothes. Your kisses and touches excite me like no others. I ache for more.

“Well, I am ready for dessert. Are you?” Suggestively you pick up a banana and run it over the front of my dress, grazing the nipples.

“Oh, yeah, I am more than ready.”

Slowly you unzip my dress, lift it over my head, and start sucking my nipples through the fabric of my bra. You push me back onto one of the pillows as you move down my body, kissing here, licking there, oh so slowly.

Finally you are level with my pussy. I am so wet and ready for you. You lift my hips and slide my panties off. You can’t resist a little sniff before you set them aside. Again, you pick up the banana and slowly peel it.

“Bananas are very versatile fruits. And so good to eat.” You growl as you start to insert the banana into my wet pussy.

I moan in anticipation. The breeze on my pussy, the feel of the fruit going past my vaginal lips, your heavy breathing: all these things combined to make me squirm with excitement.

You slowly fuck me, in and out, with the banana. It quick starts to turn to mush from the pressure and my heat. You stick out your tongue and waggle it at me, letting me know what was to come next. You lick the outside of my pussy cleaning up the banana that had dribbled out.

“Push a little.” You demand.

I pushed expelling a little of the remaining banana. Eagerly you begin lapping and slurping up what you can, and start fingering my asshole. We continue this way until you clean up all the fruit. Amazingly I have cum two times and am close to cumming a third time when you stop.

“Do you want more?” You say, not really needing to ask.

“Oh, God, yes!”

You move me into my favorite position. I am on my hands and knees waiting for whatever you decide to do next. I lick my lips, enjoying every move, touch, and sound you make. Even the smell of you makes me more excited. You push your cock into my mouth.

“Suck it and make it hard, baby. You know how I like it.”

Eagerly I suck on your throbbing cock, taking as much in as possible. With one hand firmly encircling the base of your cock, I begin fucking you with my mouth. I concentrate on the tip, encircling it with my lips, moving my hand up and down the shaft. I watch you as you throw your head back and moan. Swiftly I move my mouth to your balls, softly sucking first one and then the other. Your hands move through my hair and I know you are close to cumming.

I sit back saying, “You don’t really think you are going to get cum so soon, do you?”

“Oh, yeah, I do,” you laugh pushing me back on my hands and knees.

You bring the tip of your cock to my eager pussy. You rub it around my clit and vaginal lips until it glistens with my juices. Once more you move around to my mouth, forcing me to lick my juices off your hard member. You repeat this several times until we are both moaning and dripping. Then you force the entire length of your cock into my pussy. The air is filled with the sound of your cock moving in and out of me, your balls slapping my ass, and our combined moans.

You stop abruptly and I try to stand, but you push me back down. A German Shepherd had appeared from nowhere and was trying to hump your leg. You pushed him away, but he was just as determined to join the fun. You pull your cock out and hold me down with one hand. With the other hand, you move the dog over my back and force his penis into me. His front paws are on my back.

“Oh, no, no!” I scream in revulsion, but the dog cannot be stopped.

My revulsion turns to ecstasy as the dog fucks me faster and harder. You watch in amazement, stroking your cock. You move in front of me again, and push your cock into my mouth. Eagerly I suck.

I cum again and again, and finally the dog shoots his load deep into me leaving me free to suck and fondle you all over. With one final thrust, you pour your seed into my mouth. We both collapse on the blanket while the satisfied dog prances about us.

“Prince, come here, boy!”

We look up to see a man standing by one of the bushes. As Prince runs to his owner, we notice the man stick his cock back in his pants and do up the zipper.

“Thanks for everything!” waves the man as he takes hold of Prince’s collar and starts to leave. “And that’s from me AND Prince

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