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Another Day



Well all, I must admit, I had never heard of a "blog" until this, but I thought I would go and give it a shot. It seems interesting, like a way to just get out thoughts and say whatever comes to mind.

I suppose for me, writing here could be much about anything and everything - I write so much of my life on the forum - my sex life anyway - that writing here for all to see isn't much different. Sometimes I think that my life is so humdrum, yet people seem to be fascinated by the way I spend my time and the experiences that I have.

I have this one friend, we chat on and off, and she is totally intrigued with the idea of a lesbian encounter. I, of course, have had many in my life - before marriage. This friend of mine is wondering if I would be up to having one with her. I wonder to myself, would this be cheating? If my hubby didn't know about it, would it be cheating? I would never, ever fuck a man - but what about a woman?

I haven't made up my mind as to whether I really want to venture back into lesbian land - but the idea of having that experience just once more seems to get into my thoughts more than it should. I have thought about just asking my hubby what he thinks, but then he might get suspicious, and I have never given him a reason to be. I just wonder....is there something that I am missing....

just keep thinking......


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