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First Post!



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Haha, are we all in trouble? tongue.gif
Silly IPB.

It seems like I have a blog on every forum I post on these days... and the sad thing is that none of them have any entries that are exactly the same. It's like hanging out with different groups of friends and altering your conversation to suit the group at hand. Not all of them are interested in the same things, some are offended by certain things, you get to talk about one group behind their back to another group... and still, I'm making a blog here too, because you know what? None of the other forums I'm on are interested in hearing all the lurid details of my sex life. This seems like the most appropriate place for that.
And I like to talk about sex. A lot. Sexuality is a pretty pervasive part of my life.

So, on to the first entry! It's gonna be a long one, because I need to rant about this. I met a guy recently that I am actually excited about. This is very, very rare.
Basically, excluding one relationship I have had in my life, I begin them all knowing they're going to end sooner rather than later. I'm too much of a realist to think that every relationship is going to last forever, and I'm very good at spotting problems early-on. I still enjoy being with people while it lasts though, so I ride it out until it reaches a breaking point, and typically end things on good terms and remain friends.
My last relationship was a trainwreck because he turned out not to even be friend material... I am on good terms with ALL my exes but him! It was truly a first in terms of complete and utter failure, and I blame bad judgement on my part for that. I magically lost all worth to him as soon as it set in that we weren't going to be spending our lives together, and that hurts; obviously I was only worth keeping in his life as a partner, not as a friend. People that handle relationships like that never actually care about their partners in the first place (they just think they do because they value the companionship so much,) and I hate him for convincing me that he did.

Anyway, this recent experience, combined with my typical approach to relationships, makes me pretty gunshy when it comes to emotionally investing in a relationship. In short, I don't like to get too involved incase something goes horribly wrong. I don't like to throw around terms like "love".
This new guy? Something about him makes me want to leap in head first! He's so incredibly genuine! I don't feel like I have to wonder how he feels, or if he has alterior motives, or if what he says has some hidden meaning... I have the luxury of taking everything he says at face value. He takes me at face value too, with no argument whatsoever, which is so important to me because I too am a very genuine person. He's not afraid to appear vulnerable, which takes SO much more courage than trying to be macho like most guys do; I have unending respect for that. I'm so excited to be getting to spend time with him, learning him. I almost feel privileged that I get to do so. I feel like I want to know everything about him. I want to love him, even though I don't know him very well yet, and it scares the shit out of me. I am waaaay out of my comfort zone here. While my rational side says it's way too early to make the call, since we've only had maybe 4 dates, I'm not predicting doom yet. That's usually a call I can reliably make by the end of date 1, 2 at most.

To top it off, he's an incredible lover. (Here's where I kiss and tell, haha.)
The first time, I had had my wallet stolen at work and was having an incredibly shitty day. I called him to cheer myself up, and had the single best day of my life. I'd like to say that's an exaggeration, but it was honestly the most memorable 24 hour period of my young life.
We went to a movie, then to my place for drinks. We ended up watching another movie while lying on my bed, then talked and giggled and flirted until 7AM! We never ran out of things to discuss, but we finally were too exhausted to talk anymore, and fell asleep together. It wasn't until the next morning (afternoon?) that we slept together in more than the literal sense. He's pretty shy, so I got to be the one to initiate the transition from making out to having sex, which I love. He touched me in ways nobody ever has... to be perfectly honest (and I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, haha,) he was better at masturbating me than I am, and I practice A LOT!!! laugh.gif He is 3 years younger, but he has obviously been well trained. More than that though, he listened to my body and knew intuitively what I wanted based on how I responded -- this is the first time I haven't had to spell it out! Just incase though, he made sure to ask me if I was enjoying what he was doing, and was very concerned that I got my orgasm. I get a lot of pleasure out of touching and teasing him too, because (and this goes along with the "not trying to be macho" thing) he's very reactive and vocal. Why do guys try to hold back all those sexy noises anyway??? NOTHING gets me hotter than hearing him gasp or moan <3. I get as much pleasure out of his orgasms as my own.
At this point you're probably wondering if it could get any better. Oh yes, did I mention he's my physical ideal? Absolutely beautiful personality, great lover, AND couldn't possibly be sexier if he tried? It's almost enough to make me rethink my atheism -- maybe there is a God up there, and he loves me very, VERY much!!! biggrin.gif
He's 19 (I love young guys, what can I say?), half Mexican (mmm, perma-tan), beautiful long-ish hair, toned but not too muscular. Yep. I am compelled to put my mouth on him.
Anyway, after that romp, we took a loooong bath together and spent more time talking and playing stupid little games. It was a very refreshingly different way to spend a day.

Now we're basically up-to-date. Hopefully my future entries won't be entire novels, haha.


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