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Shopping For Sex Toys, The Old Fashioned Way



Here's today's ramblings.........

Years ago, way back in the dark ages (1980), the only places to go to get sex toys were seedy, awful parts of town. Peep shows and weirdos. Well, actually there were at home parties too. My gal pals and I called'em Fuckerware parties, because it really was the old fashioned Avon/Tupperware/Mary Kay party idea. The rep would bring a Santa's sack stuffed full of wispy clothing--err, if you can call it clothing. Maybe "welcome signs" would be a better word, LOL. Putting on a piece of smut-wear would ensure that The King of the Castle knew that his Royal Majesty was ready for some action tonight. Well nothing has changed there. Slipping into a little bit o'nothin' always sets the tone for some frolicking. Anywhoo, she had all the latest dildos from Japan (the originals actually did have to look like creatures, with little faces and all, because in Japan this stuff was illegal to sell as a sex toy...so you had a little rabbit face actually staring up at you and the clit stimulator looked like his hands holding a carrot....I'm not kidding!). Lotions, potions, crotchless panties; the works.

Between parties though, where would you go to find something like that? Fredrick's of Hollywood & Miss Vicky (Victoria's Secret) had the lingerie, but not the hard goods....so to speak.

So, back before Too Timid . com, my girlfriend & I decided that we would formulate a plan to go check out what was behind the door of the local sex shop. We thought it would be fun to dress the part of someone who didn't want to be recognized going into & out of such a grungy place. Both of us dressed in trench coats & dark glasses. We would have worn wigs too, if we'd had them. It was a hoot! I think we had lunch first, and got nicely plastered before shopping.

The threshold of the store was a mirrored door. Oh great, we get to see ourselves going into this forbidden realm. One way mirroring I'm sure, so the clerk could get a look @ who was coming into the shop (weirdoes, perv's, bikers & general trouble makers) without the customers being any the wiser about it. Anyway, it soon became apparent that we needed to take off the sunglasses or we weren't going to be able to see what we came for. Those stores, with peep shows in the back of the store, did not have bright lights for shopping the racks, if you get my drift. We removed our shades and began shopping in earnest. It was a cornucopia of the most bazaar things I could imagine. Just couldn't wrap my young Midwestern brain around WHAT someone would use some of those leather straps for? Who would need a 4 foot long, 12 inch around dildo, and if they did need it, what in God name would they DO with it?!!! Because of all the extreme things we saw lining the walls at the front of the store it didn't take long for the two of us to feel right at home looking over the "normal" toys hanging in plastic packs along the back wall and aisle shelves. Laughing and joking about what we thought things were for and attempting to educate one another. It was the blind leading the blind!

At the end of the experience I believe we both came away with a toy or two, some novelty condoms, lotions and potions. Nothing too exciting by today's standards, but it was a start. We'd faced our fears of the unknown and lived to tell about it! And of course, we shared our stash with our very pleased partners. We were branded as wild ones from then on.

Boy have times changed!!! The sex super stores are right in the middle of the hottest nightlife areas of town (as they should be). The huge front windows are hung with beautiful displays of all kinds of sexy tee shirts & sexy-wear for him and her. The lights are bright and the music is exciting. The sales people are young, hip and knowledgeable. I'd compare it to Downtown Disney for cryin' out loud! What a wonderful shift.

Then of course there is the benefit of shopping online, like here @ TooTimid. It is such a pleasure to read the reviews, to see what people are saying about all the different products. You just can't tell by looking at an object whether it will produce the desired response. As with all online reviews, there is always a chance of someone having an agenda (errr....like selling more merchandise : ) So would they ever write/permit a bad review? Honestly though, it was apparent that there are reviews of things rating a mere 2, 3 or 4, so it they seem pretty genuine.

We really need to count ourselves lucky that we live in a time when all this freedom is available to us. Others might say that we're all going to hell in a handbasket with all this debauchery. For me, sexually satisfied & liberated people are HAPPY, less stress filled people; that only serves to make the world a nicer place. Don't you think?

Go forth and be HAPPY people!

Ms Randi Nite


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