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Used To Be..



I remember when we used to be
so in love, you and me...

Every waking moment, thinking of you.
infatuated, thoughts of us two...

I believed I would never, gaze upon another
and feel the same fire, as with you, my sweet lover...

Now after trial and test, betrayal and pain
I wonder if I will ever, feel it again...

My best friend, my partner, my everything, my heart
now it is faded, all broken apart...

I remember the longing, the desire, the need,
counting the minutes until we could meet...

I'd miss you every second. not one day would go by.
And when we would part, I couldn't help but cry...

So what now my friend?
Is it all over, do we face the end?

Can we get it back, the way it was before?
Or is it all over, the closing of a door...

I felt it before will I feel it again?
the future is uncertain, I don't want to pretend...

I hate to give up, we've been through so much
Our life, our children, the feel of your touch

You still mean so much to me, that will always be.
For now I guess all we can do, is wait, and hope,
...and see.


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