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I'm the one you need
When your heart is hurt

You feel so alone
put me on like a shirt

You use me as comfort
draining me dry

Until I am empty
and you're feeling high

I can't be your medicine, I can't be your drug
I can't just be stepped on and used like a rug
You meant so much to me, I wish I could lie
I can't be your medicine.. so this is goodbye...

Your love was addicting
I didn't want it to end

I am going through withdrawals,
yet, you want to keep me as your friend

I don't want to lose you
these memories I can't erase

but I need to get healthy
and find a better place

You can't be my medicine, you can't be my drug
I was hooked up and caught up, consumed by your love
I loved you so much, you know I can't lie
You can't be my medicine.. so this is goodbye.

Some say it was futile,
and not meant to be

Damaging, painful, doomed and unhealthy

I'll never forget you,
My hearts sweetest vice

I chose to give in
and now I pay the price

I can't be your medicine, and you can't be mine
I can't keep believing this is something divine
you're still in my heart. I know I said I would try

But I can't be your medicine.. so this is goodbye...


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