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Help, Beginner Anal



Someone please help me. Have new bf who is heavy into the anal side of things. Bought me butt plug to start stretching me out in preparation for his large penis. Been using several times a day as he suggested. There is always about an inch of fecal matter on the end when I pull it out. This would be very embarrassing if he were using the plug on me or when we get me ready to handle his penis. Can anyone tell me how to prevent this from happening?

Thanks so much. Suze


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For starters lets clean up this blog....before stuffing a buttplug you might wanna have a nice relaxing hot shower. Followed by several cleansing enemas and then work that buttplug inside.

NO ONE wants to see an inch or two of FECAL MATTER on a sex toy.



Repeat as necessary.

Insert Buttplug.

Play Time.

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I use sex toys on my boyfriend and we've had similar instances during our "piping sessions" where the toy would come out covered in... ewwy stuff. The best advice I can offer is the same advice I gave my boyfriend 9 months ago when we started experimenting with anal play - Go to the bathroom first, force out everything until you don't feel you have anything left. Give it a minute and try again. After that, just make sure to clean yourself (whether from wiping or showering) very well. You may notice some jelly stuff come out occasionally, but that's nothing to worry about. It is, what my boyfriend calls, butt juice (just like your vagina has juices, so does your butt... apparently). And stay calm... if a little fecal matter does come out either on the sex toy or on your boyfriend, he should expect that to happen from time to time. Don't stress about it.

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A few times I've been soooo horny for anal and just went for it w/o a shower and enema before hand. And I was as clean as a whistle. Lucky me!! Most of the time tho a nice long hot shower with sometimes several enemas to get ready is a must. I also think showering with your lover and giving each other enemas can be wildly stimulating and become part of your sexual repast.

I also trust the bf of KinkyNirvanaMistress knows JUST HOW LUCKY HE IS having a gf who will do this for him!!!!!

I don't know your situation Suze but when I first got into anal sex the last thing I wanted was a buttplug just sitting in my ass. I figure you're in love with your bf or his nice huge cock or a bit of both.
I started out slowwwwwwwwwwwwww.
I still have that first toy too. The vibrator part of it broke many years ago but when I'm too tight for MrBig Lil Red gets the job done starting out. I still DON'T have a buttplug. But like KNMs' bf I too love the in and out action along with the incredible sensations. I read somewhere once that there are HALF A MILLION NERVE ENDINGS inside the backdoor. And if you treat them right with plenty of lube and gentleness in the beginning the payoff is incredible beyond words!!!

It sounds like Suzes bf might have one of those beer can girth dicks. Personally that's not a road I'm going down. I know what I like and that's the size I'm looking for. But for Suze I would suggest smaller dildos or dongs in the one inch graduating to one and a half inch thickness variety. Now if you are both squeaky clean (enema time) you might want to try Rimming. Rimming is exactly like eating pussy except you are eating ass. I might add that a proper Rim Job can leave one breathless, exhausted and climbing the walls for more.

As for the bf who mentions 'Butt Juice'.....that's what I call it too. It can be a bit embarrassing if you like to go out and do stuff right after incredible anal sex. Often my ass will be humming and purring with little aftershocks and leaking butt juice. I tried several methods to hide the leakage. Two pairs of jockey underwear didn't work. An improvised napkin made of several paper towels inside one pair of jockeys worked so so. Here's what I found that works great!
This item is sold online and pretty much everywhere. For people who suffer from Incontinence there are adult sized 'diapers'. They are marketed as Depends. They work great. Get over the stigma of wearing a diaper when you're still a young man or woman. These work great!!! They come in a 20 pack or you can buy them by the case in medical supply stores or places like Costco. I wear one for 2 or 3 days or until I'm not leaking anymore.

I hope this helps out everyone who reads this.

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Wow Kinky that is a lot of great information dully noted thanks for that:) I love good information I never talk about anal but I discovered how great it was with the last gut I dated he was a wild man, I never liked anal before but he had a way of making me come just from looking at me I would melt into a million pieces. I didn't know you could come from anal in fact when any of my previous boyfriends tried it I would say No not only NO BUT HELL NO < Laughing>

But he drove me wild and i really liked it
now my boyfriend who was married three times and most of his adult life, but he knows he has free range with me and he has tried it and we loved it. The fear of the "ewwy" stuff was always on my mind... I mean what a turn off.

so this is kind of out of my norm and a rim job or rimming I guess I have never done that but not sure I could do that. I know that my boyfriend likes to be fingered while we are exploring each other.

I will keep in mind all the great information you just gave for sure

thank you

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I like you bird...you're a breath of fresh air!! Yeah I agree about...well I don't know if I could Rim my lover but if he was what I call 'really smooth'..NOT a Bear and NOT hairy 'down there' and if we were REALLY getting into each other well I'd like to think I would at least try it.

Like I said in an earlier post I've only been properly rimmed just one time in my life (rats) but boy howdy this man was a Master Of Rim!!! I was 18 or 19 at the time and I'm 59 now so the memories are somewhat vague. Kinda. Tho I remember with amazing clarity from the time his tongue first touched my brownie I was lost in a sea of of Orgasmic Bliss.
He worked on my Pinkie for upwards of 20 minutes and it was just a continuous rolling wave of ups and downs of pleasure. I feel I must apologize for my lack of sexually descriptive words. (I wish I had a Thesaurus is it...the book that lists similar words that would have the same meaning of another word??) I have 2 dictionaries...fat lot of good that does me now. lmbo

My last gf 'fingered me' once while we were 69ing. At first I was like YOWZAAA!!!!!!!!!! And because the intensity was just phenomenally amazing!!!!! Inside of 60 seconds my face was out of her pussy as I was thrashing about on the bed clawing the sheets or the air as I squirmed completely out of control. I had literally no control of myself as she continued to just wiggle one of her tiny little fingers in my manpussy. Yes I said MANPUSSY!!! I have for a long time thought of my ass as both my Lovetunnel and my manpussy after an encounter with a lovely Cross Dresser I once spent the night with.But that's ANOTHER story........

At any rate while I've never rimmed a lover it is something I might try under the right circumstances. Those being we shower together and play and enema each other till we are 110% sure we are both clean as a whistle. And then THE REAL FUN WOULD START!!!!!

This is for bird74, suze and KNM and all the other women who read this.

I know all of you (or most of you) LOVE to have your pussies devoured by masterful lovers till yall cum your brains out. We all do. Guys like me who've discovered we can share that same level of sexual bliss with lovers Rimming our asses can do the same for all the women out there if only they would. The two main tricks to remember is absolute cleanliness in the area of the anus and rectal cavity. Like bird74 and Suze I don't do ewwy either. If I can't get squeaky clean I just probably jack off, clean up and get on with my day. But if I can get squeaky clean and I have a lover I'm gonna want to be rimmed till I'm begging him or her to fuck me like a maniac.

But here's where we turn down the Kinky Road. In the last several years I've found I need to be spanked and Cropped. Open handed Face Slapping...the first time I received that I had a raging boner between the second slap and the third slap. This was a chance encounter (right place, right time) for me and I loved it sooooo much. Never saw her again but I often thank my lucky stars I went clubbing that night!! Like right now I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rock n Roll when I'm having sex whether solo or with a lover boy or girl. Regular Gay or Kinky Cross Dresser Gay and Most Especially Mistress or Sub Girl Lord hep me I love it all!!!!!:D

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