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Christmas Already!



Oh my word, I can not believe that the last time I posted it was HALLOWEEN!!! I am sooooo busy all of a sudden! I love Christmastime though, the baking, shopping, the gift giving - the gift RECEIVING! My hubby always spoils me beyond all reason - I get way too much from him. He almost always buys me jewelry, cooking supplies (cause I love to cook - not because "a woman's place is in the kitchen!) - a sexy something and something fun. I am very, very spoiled and I admit it!

This year I got him some great gifts - which I won't list in case he reads this blog. I am pleased with myself. I had to shop alone though, cause if I bring my son with me, he gives the gifts away - and that is not fun.

This week is all about baking - cookies, fudge, oreo cheesecake - I am soooo excited. I can't eat any of the treats I make - cause gosh knows I have gained enough weight lately - but you know, everyone else enjoys them.

I am wondering where my life is going to land in 2007. I have officially dropped out of law school, and will begin teaching again in January. That works as far as I am concerned. I am sure our sex life will continue to get better and better.....it seems to be on such a positive upswing that I couldn't imagine it getting to a point where it isn't good. However, we work hard to keep our marriage and our love life good - and I think some people don't understand that - that it is supposed to take work.

I always write in my posts about the killer sex we have - and we do - but in between that is a real life, a marriage, a child - money issues, stress, every other thing "other" people have. Why then does our sex life remain intact? I know that sex is a stress reliever, it is fun, it is something that should remain sacred between a couple. So, I make it a priority, but even I have my nights when sex is not an option.

Lately, that has been more the norm - we still average 4-5 times a week - which is well above the national average - but I have been tired, and staying up later and getting more tired. I suppose I should take my own best advice and make more time for it! Or perhaps this is a normal wax and wean of our sex life - who knows!

Well, I think that is all for now...I have reviews to write....


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