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Four Months Later



Too much to put in to words. You fill my heart and mind.

Lately I'm thinking... I am not confused but focused
Current status... Concentrate on execution of the project plan
This is really interesting... This entry is a work in progress, but you should know I am sitting here naked after an event with Jet 7. I moaned your name. It adds to my orgasm. Very good one tonight because of you.
Currently reading... In to your mnd. I am really starting to understand how you work through things
The soapbox: Over four months later the Vendor understands me better and I understand him better. I listen to the stories and can understand the pain that the RM inflicts on him. I have the same. I know I will never get picket fences but being your friend <in life and flirtation> helps me cope. You bring me great joy and fill my heart <and my loins... LOL> ily


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