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Hot And Bothered - In The Hot (and Bothered) Tub!



I am just going to share with you the way I get off with out the SO (significant other - husband - roommate).

This has to be at night after 8:30 - it has to be dark. I get totally naked, take off my glasses and put up my hair. I grab a few of my toys; 'Ben' (my ben-wah balls), water proof g-spot vibrator and my nipple 'pinchers'. Ben goes in me, the pinchers go on my nipples (shiver) and I put on my robe with g-spot vibe in hand. I walk out to my hot tub and disrobe, but I sit on the edge before going in and rock back and forth. Not only does it stir Ben and get me worked up but there is something about being naked in the dark outside. I will sometime take the vibe and place it just in me to start Ben moving and getting me SO wet.

Once I am either worked up or getting a little skittish that the neighbor might see me I slip into the tub. The water is warm. The bubbles tickle. Ben likes the water even more as the jets hit my back. My pinchers enjoy the water too, they unexpectedly move in different directions that pull and tug gentley. After I am relaxed and enjoying my version of foreplay I move to the leg jets. These jets help the back of your thighs, however... however it is perfect for a clit O. Ben also enjoys this jet.

I move the over the jet and begin to move around until my clit is over the jet. Immediately I get a rush of blood to my groin and my nipples start throbbing. Ben is wiggling, my clit is warm and messaged, and my nipples are being tugged in a 100 directions. Then I start to feel it. The overwhelming feeling of relaxation and joy. I start to moan and call out my lovers name... I am panting and my toes are curling... I want to scream but I can not... I want to kiss, grab my lovers back; I want to hear my name... I am panting and my clit is throbbing. I finally give a huge sigh and relax and there it is. MY O. I allow it to happen but I pull off the jet and grab my vibe... with Ben in I move the vibe next to my Gspot and rub up and down.. .I yanks off my pinchers and I have a HUGE release of unbelievable.. I do not know.. but I feel great. I am tired..... almost high.

I relax for a moment and find a back jet. I can feel my clit throbbing, engorged, wanting just a little more. I take a deep breathe and find Ben's string. SLOWLY I pull him out one at a time. Each time I gasp and have little rush of pleasure.

AND that is how I have a GREAT O with out the SO.


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