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3 Am Meeting



So the time is 3 am. You told me the other day it is. Since telling me I wake up and think of you. At 3 am when you wake up I hope you can feel me. We will never have that one day but a woman can dream..... One day where you will greet me at the door, take the load out of my arms, give me a scotch and lead me to the bedroom. You will let me take a sip of my drink while you kiss my neck. Take off my suit jacket and my blouse. Wiggle off my suit skirt and take off my heels. You will refill my beverage and lay me down gently in bed. Then ask me about my day. Your strong, trusting hand holding the back of my head, while you look in my eyes. I melt. I appreciate you. I enjoy every second with you.

You take off your clothes and respectfully take off my underwear. I feel your warm body and strong heart beat next to mine. We are chest to chest and mouth to mouth. You fill my body with yours. We are making love and I feel every motion you make. Every rhythmic twist makes me moan and wanted you deeper. We finish and collapse panting. You hold me and make me feel safe. Every second that I can have from you is so special. Thank you.


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