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    45 minutes of cunnilingus and countless orgasms she will never forget
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  1. I had to open my shop at 8 so had to breakup about 7:40. Not willingly on my part. I gotta tell you this gal is beautiful. Young slim and VERY good looking. This was a time I will carry with me for years and if she has her way I will revisit several times more.
  2. Had a warm breakfast this morning. 😜 Met a young gal of 21 the other day and managed to get into a topic of sex. Imagine that. I'm sure she felt safe talking because of my age, I couldn't or wouldn't pose a threat so she spoke openly to my surprise. (she broached the subject) I informed her that my plumbing couldn't meet the needs but I compensated by other means and thoroughly enjoyed giving orally. She felt it couldn't meet her needs. With that I challenged her with a bet. If I couldn't I would write her a check but if I could she would write me one. To my surprise she followed through. We met this morning at 6:30 and after a few minutes of casual chatter I asked what would make her comfortable to begin. Without hesitation she dropped her pants and laid back and I took her lead dropping to my knees. I spent a few moments exploring then I felt her thighs move apart inviting me in closer. A LONG story short, (just short of an hour), I made her write out the check and proceeded to tear it up. She left asking when we could meet again.
  3. Nothing to be timid or shy. I wish I wish I wish..... DAMN IT! I opened my eyes and you weren't here beside me
  4. Damn!!! I'm going to make it a rule, you can only use a dildo if you can't find my tongue
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