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  1. You don't sound weird at all, you sound perfectly normal to me. It's very hard to work on yourself in counseling, so without me even knowing you I can say that you rock for that, seriously. If you'd like to be a broken record more privately then on this forum, feel free to contact me through a DM. I don't mind broken records, and love helping people, because I can and want to.
  2. I can understand that, yet discussing them with someone might actually give you the insight you'd need?
  3. I personally just see where things go, fighting sexual urges because your friendship wouldn't survive says something about that friendship. If the sex thing is just a one time thing, that doesn't affect the friendship for me. Sometimes it's fun to fuck someone you love and care for, sometimes it's not.
  4. They do, but that is because we are taught to be petty about anything sexual
  5. I would not, and if someone who thinks he is my friend regardless of how long they have had that status should think it is okay to judge me based on my sexual preferences he can bloody well F*** off I am me, if you don't like that, leave me alone.
  6. In actual fact there is nothing to be helped about your sexuality. Falling for the same sex, or the opposite sex it not something negative it's a fact of life. Unfortunately for us it has been labeled an "affliction" by various religions, because of some strange need to control people, their sexuality and their role in life. If you go back to the time before organized religion such as the Christian Faith, The Muslim Faith or The Jewish faith you will find that same sex relations, polygamous relationships and the freedom to love whom you please when you please is quite normal and certainly not as prosecuted as when these "great" new faiths rear they're ugly head. The fact that these religions preach that women are somehow less worthy than men, that people who go outside what are their concept of what is good and evil should be prosecuted in my eyes is completely strange. Especially if you realize that the written versions (e.g. Bible, holy Quran, Talmud/Torah etc) were actually written hundreds of years AFTER events happened by people who had more to gain by "sculpting" the texts into something that was to their advantage. I mean, there were kings who started a whole "new" religion just so they could marry someone, before then afterwards killing them based on the same religious reasoning. Governments and commercial industries continuing on this same deception, telling women they were "good enough" if they did the dishes, made sure the dinner was on the table, and by all means let themselves be fucked like obedient sex slaves, as this was the destiny for any good housewife. Without wanting to sound like a ranting maniac, we are being manipulated by a lot of people all of the time, and we need to stop gobbling up all the crap that is put out there just to make rich people richer. We need to start thinking for ourselves, enjoy being who we actually are, not who we should be according to others or social pressure or worse, hypes.
  7. What exactly is the issue with being Gay? I can understand you can't really understand the feelings as you are perhaps "straightforward" heterosexual. As Kama said, being gay is something that is pretty much determined at birth, and not influenced by "associating" with someone who is in fact gay. If sexuality were dependent on the main influence of the dominantly present sexuality being Gay would in fact not exist as most Gay people that are of the age to be able to have children, are usually the product of mostly heterosexual couples (unless of course for example one of your parents is gay but has never dared to come out about it, which is not an accusation or me trying to offend you, but it does make you think, no?). So, if this uncle is a good person, you know the none abusive kind that loves your son because he is in fact the most awesome (and fabulous) uncle in the world to your kid, I would think you should count your blessings and embrace the love he feels for your son and the love your son has for him, as a relative. I myself am pan-sexual, have a gay sister, a transgender/genderfluid daughter and great parents that are not gay and have been married for over 40 years, being open minded and always teach myself and my sister to love people for who they are and not think badly of other people's decisions, sexuality or anything else they do in their life as long as they do not cause intentional harm to anyone. This is also what I teach my kids, and I think if the world at large would stop fearing what they don't understand, and start learning and embracing the differences amongst people we could all actually be a lot happier then just being cattle (or sheep) following a flock of indoctrinated more then 2000 year old strange religious upbringing. But guess what! If you don't agree with me that's OK too!
  8. Jay | Tesstesst.nl


    There's a lot of discussion about women squirting, most discussions are about either the fact that some women can't whilst other (mostly guys) guarantee they can make anyone squirt, and the other big discussion is what the consistency of the fluid squirting or gushing out might be. Some say it's a separate fluid, other people say it's just (diluted) urine. I've had the pleasure of making many women squirt, and have also been able to hit the G-spot (which seems to be part of the magic) quite successfully. Up to the point where I can actually make some of my play partners squirt or not through triggers and NLP (that's a whole different kind of magic, but well, thought I'd mention it). There are several toys that would aid in making someone squirt, such as the Njoy Purewand and I've also had great success with the Prism Erotics Hamsa the key here is that both toys are shaped to such an extent that they will relentlessly stimulate the G-spot and if you are an owner of a prostate they are both awesome for that too. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that, if you'd wish to make someone squirt, first of all make sure the person you'd want to make squirt is also into it. Then just play, and for goodness sake, don't make an issue out of it, I know it's very sexy if your partner squirts (no but seriously it's ff-ing sexy) but keep in mind that it might be hard for your partner and the last thing you'd want is to instill a sense of failure if they do not in fact squirt. And of course: Communicate, I'm told much like prostate stimulation there is a certain sensation (the feeling that you really need to pee) that would be a sign of the right body parts being triggered. So, also make sure you've emptied your bladder before you go for this. And most of all, just enjoy. Oh yeah, and as an experienced causer of squirt, make sure you have towels EVERYWHERE, because it will get messy! (the good kind though)
  9. Jay | Tesstesst.nl

    Hey all

    Thank you! Made by a very talented artist!
  10. Jay | Tesstesst.nl

    Sex toys

    Yeah, you don't. There is no safe and sane way to make a body-safe sex toy for cheap or free. If you're looking for freebies, check out my colleague sex toy reviewers and join in their giveaways (you're welcome to join ours but we only ship inside of Europe). There are some cheap toys out there that might get you what you want, but without a budget I wouldn't know what to advice. I'm sure that you've been looking into zucchini's, cucumbers or other stuff, just don't, even with a condom there is a serious risk of your insides getting infected with something on the peel of the fruits and veg, or worse, they could break of inside of you. That also goes for brush handles, deodorant bottles, normal bottles, soda cans, whatever, just don't. Be safe buy a good toy, there are plenty awesome toys out there that are really worth the investment, and can potentially last you a LONG time.
  11. Jay | Tesstesst.nl

    Is it weird??!?

    Thank you!
  12. Jay | Tesstesst.nl


    Yes, I have made men and women build up their orgasms (let them edge) for longer then that. But it does require a lot of stamina and determination.
  13. Jay | Tesstesst.nl

    Hey all

    Pleasure to be here, and pleasure to meet you Zking
  14. Jay | Tesstesst.nl

    Is it weird??!?

    So there's your answer, maybe you should talk and express your needs and wants as well. If she can't accommodate you in that then you need to ask yourself if this has repercussions on your relationship or not.
  15. Jay | Tesstesst.nl

    Is it weird??!?

    Based on your description I'd say you have a cuckolding fetish. Which is not strange, however you can't really expect your wife to always be into what you like. Cheating is not the same as cuckolding, although with a cuckolding fetish I am sure it will have aroused you. The thing is, she also would need to enjoy being fucked by another guy while you watch and possibly interact with them. This might not be her cup of tea. Maybe you should discuss your fetish with your wife and see if you could work something out, or possibly find someone who can actually help you out with your fetish. And no, I don't mean divorce, but maybe your wife would agree to let your fetish be satisfied where she can not. But that is of course entirely up to you both.