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  1. Kama


    I don’t remember. I wish I could remember. 😕
  2. Kama

    Are Asian women really faithful?

    I know one Vietnamese woman in my life who cheated on her husband. Another Filipino friend of mine got involved with married men. We can’t generalize all Asian women. The traditional culture says to not cheat, but there are some people who still do it
  3. Kama

    Woman looking for woman

    I think there are some lgbtq clubs and bars in ma. Meetup might be good too
  4. Heh, I feel so weird typing that out. you both made my day
  5. Thanks! Yeah, I feel embarrassed letting stuff out here haha. There’s a lot more that I am not sharing.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Maybe my social circle is different, but I don’t feel sexual attraction to my friends? Someone once told me that I am a demisexual, but I don’t relate to that at all. I can feel sexual attraction on the spot. I think real friends don’t care either. When I was exploring bisexuality, one couple (friends only) was pushing me to decide if I like men or women more. The fact is that I like men. I am hesitant to share all of the weird experiences I have had. It doesn’t make sense sometimes.
  7. True. Everyone is different. The good news is that my sex partners see me as sexual. So, it’s all good.
  8. Maybe I am old fashioned, but I don’t want to mix friends and sex with each other. Once someone is a sex partner, it’s hard to go back.
  9. It’s weird to me how my own “friends” (at least they said they were) misjudged me the most. They did make sexual advances towards me, but I rejected them. maybe people say things out of spite.
  10. Love this response. There’s nothing wrong with being gay or hanging around a good gay person. One of my best friends is a gay man, and he has been incredibly empathetic, loyal and respectful to me-even when I was at my worst. People cant help their sexual orientation at the end of the day.
  11. I don’t think a child becomes gay by hanging around a gay adult. People are gay biologically, in my opinion.
  12. I don’t know if I am being too sensitive, but I can’t to date someone who misunderstands my sexuality. I see myself as very sexual, and the best partners were able to recognize my enthusiasm. What turns me on is when they compliment me! The worst partners were the ones who didn’t get me and would jump to conclusions, like assuming that someone is a virgin at 32 when they’re experienced. Or, assuming that a woman is willing to sleep with anything when she’s picky. I am direct with partners. I find that no matter how much you explain something to someone, they don’t always understand. People say ignore someone’s dumb comment, but these comments kill any developing sexual attraction I have for a person. It’s sad when someone doesn’t realize that their comment is anti-seductive. Is anyone similar? Would you date someone who stuck their foot in their mouth about your sexuality?
  13. Kama

    Longest Blowjob You Have Given?

    I wonder if this is a generational thing. I could be wrong. I think it’s interesting to compare the views on oral sex.