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  1. I have met someone here who greatly interests me. She is a gem indeed. 

    1. Shyoldman


      No sooner do I  meet her, I lose her. That is fucked up

  2. I’m not able to see any pics. Is it because u have an iPhone
  3. Bigcock that looks so freakin painful. What’s the purpose
  4. I fantasize of being pegged by a beautiful woman
  5. I am an expert at licking and eating pussy I must say
  6. Are there others who like hairy pussy as I do. Nowadays just about all are shaved. I say too bad
  7. After reading all this it came to this
  8. Wow u say all the right things. Do u ever post any pics of that sweet wet tight little pussy of yours. I can only imagine how nice it would be for me to slide myself in that warm place of yours sliding my cock in and out of you while your eyes roll back and your tittys bounce with every thrust. Together we cum and I leave with you a big load for you to remember me with. You are hot hot hot
  9. I’m a straight guy who loves all women but I have this fantasy of a woman being dominate putting on a strap on and having her way with me either on my back or bent Over. Basically gender role reversal. I get hard every time I think about it.
  10. M1959P I so agree with you. I wish more people thought this way
  11. I love to watch me masterbating in a mirror. Anyone else
  12. M195. I’m jealous. I’ve asked my wife to play with my ass and she says she will but never does. I think she thinks it’s weird