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  1. Is it safe to have vigorous sex after having a defibrillator implementation ,is there anything I need to avoid
  2. My wife has pegged me and to be honest we both liked it
  3. Well everyone I have tried this and my wife went nuts, loved the way it looked and as she put fucking my dick. It wasn't horrible at all ,didn't really hurt or cause any issues
  4. You are not alone I miss the pics of you beautiful people
  5. My wife likes it doggy style if I'm doing her but likes sitting on either a butt plug or a dildo
  6. A question for you ladies What can a man wear to the bedroom that you find extremely sexy
  7. Everyone is correct start slow and to what ever size fits your needs and work up from that, but you will love it My wife started with letting me use just one finger and now she uses dildos that are as big and as long as my arm
  8. Thanks for the great pics Feel free to keep sharing
  9. Wow I have not worn mine outside of the play room, I might have to let her read your comment and see what happens Thanks for the idea
  10. I very much enjoyed looking at your photos and would love to see more of you
  11. My wife has seen this somewhere and is wanting to do it to me ,has anyone tried this .does it hurt ,does it feel good Do women find it sexy
  12. Me too, that was one of the best things on this site Maybe we all need to start our own site
  13. I have a question, my wife is only 5'2" tall how can she take an 18 inch long dildo in her ass all the way
  14. The very same thing happened with my wife and I
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